Tarot reading

Up to two years ago, all I knew is that I was aVirgo and that was about it.
Back in 2017, I was in a super transformative year and was really going through it.
A good friend of my mom's did my birth chart and full on analysis of it.
I was truly blown away and she gave me such an amazing tool to help me understand how I work and how to navigate through life in the best way possible. I started getting connected more and more with my spiritual journey and once thing led to another I ended up at a tarot reading session. First thing I knew, I bought a deck and started exploring the tarot the very next day and have been consumed by it since then. 

Two years later, I have been doing readings every week for friends, family or just strangers. I truly connecting with my deck cards and provide insight on a situation.

Tarot reading session:


- Giving you clarity on a chosen topic
- Specific love or life situation
- General tarot reading + Angel Answers cards + Love Angels cards.
- 3 questions 

How to book a reading?

If you would like to book a reading with me, please drop me an email

I will send you the reading within 72hours either by written email or video (as you prefer). 


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