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As long as I can remember, fashion has always been therapeutic for me. Through the good and bad times, I always had something to look forward to by putting on a nice outfit, reflective of my mood and personality.

  I want to help the day to day woman to find her own feminine style and expressing herself in the best way possible. Fashion should be fun, an instant mood uplifter and confidence booster. 

1. Shopping / styling session
50$/hour + price of clothes. (3h minimum)

- Focusing on what looks you want to create depending on the occasion.
- Digital photos with outfit(s) ready to wear before the shopping experience.
- Shopping experience personalized to help, picking the right outfits & accessories with any events or special occasions.

2. Closet make-over
50$/hour (3h minimum)

- Pick and clear pieces that no longer work for you + identify what to keep.
- Assess fit of clothes.
- Organize closet together.
- Create new outfits with what you have.
- Identify what wardrobe staples are needed (ideally shopping & styling session to follow).

You can always drop me an email and I will come back to you as soon as possible
xo, Marilou 💕

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