About me

Welcome to my blog The Virgo Told You So! I originally started my blog 10 years (My precious Nail Polish was mainly a beauty blog for the OG readers) then life got in the way, started a full time job, moved abroad and stopped blogging.

5 years after hiatus here I am. It was always a big passion of mine and I truly miss being able to share my thoughts, my love for fashion and just daily life really. It's such a fantastic outlet and it's helping me connect with people too (which is fantastic when you are more on the introvert side).

Since then, I welcomed my thirties, got fascinated by astrology, I got blonder and blonder and my English improved massively after living in London for two years.

I want to be able to share my life with you but also provide you help with my tarot readings or styling sessions. I find so much joy in doing tarot readings for people close to me, family, friends or helping them with fashion advice and picking outfits.


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