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Spring has sprung here in Brussels. Since the confinement started, we haven't had a day of rain - which for Brussels is completely crazy. We have had the most gorgeous weather over the last few weeks and it helps so much with not feeling confined and being able to do some gardening, work on my tan lines and go for evening strolls. At this point, I just feel like I'm back in my childhood - minus meeting my friends with my bike - just no stress, no pressure, living day by day...
I couldn't resist cherry blossom season and picked myself some fresh flowers to decorate my mom's house. They were so beautiful and instantly put me in a happy mood. Little things...
Fashion wise, do you see a theme here? White, jeans, more white, repeat. Casual glam in full force. I will not be SLOTHING around during this Q-tine. lol. I have been online shopping so much for summer in hopes I'll be able to travel by then but let's not be too excited... we'll see.

XO, Marilou

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