When the time get tough, I get blonder

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Well, hello there. Hello 2020.
What a year was 2019.... I can't even begin to explain the challenges, up and downs I had to face. Truly a rollercoaster year. So much happened. I went to being in my routine and somewhat settled life in London to living in a gorgeous penthouse in South London with cokeheads flatmates, quitting my job, going through it all summer and ending leaving London after just feeling like I couldn't make it work there any longer. I moved to Barcelona for 3 months, without any plans and just enjoyed the playa & sol lifestyle. Got bored after these 3 months as the pace of Barcelona was too slow for me and ended up going back to Brussels to gather myself and make less fickle plans.

I am now in Paris, in a totally new fields (no longer working in cosmetics), blonder than ever, visiting London regularly where I left my dear friend Kahina and in totally different place and mindset.

Leaving London was quite unexpected and gave me and my London BFF Kahina both a shock. 
Life took an unexpected turn and I just didn't feel like I had my place in London. I sort of felt pushed out of the city. It was bittersweet and at the same time what I think was needed, looking back, to re-appreciate the city and everything it has to offer. I was in a negative mindset all summer 2019 and just couldn't seem to enjoy anything anymore.
My friend got really lucky and her life in London took a very positive turn. Mine just went downhill very quickly. I realized at that time that I can't always count on luck to be on my side and get out of troubles. I had to take responsibility, make adult decisions and be more prudent with my decisions. 

Now, visiting London I just get sparkles in my eyes and have the time of my life every time. 


Of course, no matter how hard times are, I still remain a fashionista at heart.
I just thrive on improving my looks and feeling my best. At any time. No matter my personal situation. As time got harder, I went blonder. Got a new set of extensions, dresses got shorter and looks were sassier then ever. Fashion and dressing up to me is a true form of therapy and being able to express myself. This is one I realized this is what I want to do. I want to help people dress up and feel, look their BEST. It's so therapeutic and fun at the same time. Being able to feel confident in an outfit that reflects your mood and personality (or multiple ones). 

I so look forward to 2020 and trying to find friends or people I meet and be able to personal shop 
and style them. 
Help them with their appearance and fashion choices. The virgo knows best!


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