Skinny for the post-quarantine summer

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Happy Quarantine : you have no idea what day it is, you think you're participating in Master Chef exploring every single and upcoming new recipe and your day's most important task is switching from daytime pj's to nighttime pj's. I'm right here with ya'll. LOL. 

I'm trying to keep my low carb diet in place during this quarantine (it's hard to slip up as it's Easter chocolate eggs season and Belgium is providing the goods) but I have to keep in mind that 1. I'm in my early thirties and I just can't eat like a unsupervised kid at a candy store anymore. 2. Single, you catch  more flies with honey than vinegar ladies. 3. Post-quarantine summer is just around the corner and I want to not only enjoy it, but SAVOR it.  Being stuck inside for days really makes you miss all those outside activities I usually try to avoid at all cost. haha. Honestly, I can not wait to get my freedom back and wilding out especially since I had a pretty shit summer last year. Summer 2020 I'm ready for ya!!! 

Back on my skinny topic, the best way for me to keep the extra kilos off is to do low carb diet.
It's not for everyone but it always work for me. I'm not huge on going to the gym - read never going - and still want to enjoy my chocolate and sweet treats. So I cut back on the carbs on all dinners and try to replace it with a substitute.

I wanted to try the cauliflower crust pizza for so long and finally got time to do it. 
I got my recipe from here and I loved it. 


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