Keeping my spirit highs

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I'm really trying to keep my spirit highs during this quarantine time.
Although being an introvert help, I do miss going out with my friends and eating out in restaurants.
I have some up days and some low days. Today was a low one. Just sat in bed all day doing nothing and eating white chocolate. So unproductive and a recipe for anxiety to take over. UGH....

On the positive, I am so grateful to be home in Brussels with my mom and not stuck in Paris with some random stranger in a flat share. I honestly wake up so thankful every morning just for that alone.

Things I do that help me keep my good spirit:

- Listen to country music and have a little dance off with myself and a glass of rosé
- More rosé... lol 
- Picking up fresh flowers
- Baking cakes 
- Thinking of cool low-carbs recipes (my fave courgette bolognese for instance)
- Online shopping and buying new bikinis
- Day dreaming of destinations to go next once I get my freedom back
- Listening to the audio book of A Return To Love from Marianne Williamson. such an eye opening and incredible book based off the famous A Course in Miracle.
- Watching old seasons of Love after Lockup, The Real Housewives and Flavor of Love.
- Pinning my life away on Pinterest. I can't believe I just started using it!!!
- Going for walk in the country side near my house with my mom and reminiscing my childhood.


Quaranctivities : Victoria Sponge

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Day 12 of confinement : thinking I'm a Chef Patissier and trying all kind of new recipes.
check!!!! In all honestly guys, I'm sort of enjoying this quarantine. I just hope it won't last months but it's so nice to have a full reset. I feel zero stress, zero pressure...just enjoying my day to to day activities. Or quaranctivities!

MyVictoria Sponge turned out quite well although the Biscuits de Savoie are not the original biscuits you should use but I didn't want to use butter so these were the perfection alternative.
I would suggest not adding too much sugar to the whipped cream as the strawberry is already super super sweetening.

Ok, I'm off enjoying the sun in my mom's garden.


Confinement day 10 : serving looks

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Hi girls! How's quarantine life treating you?? (LOL I swear this is every single guy's on the planet pick up line at the moment).
I'm doing good, working from home and enjoying the beautiful - but cold - spring days here in Brussels. Also...rosé all day is helping! Got to love a little end of the day buzz...

First left the house yesterday after 10 days of confinement (which feels normal to me as I tend to hibernate in winter anyway...introvert life..) and it did feel a bit odd to be out as you could sense the paranoia.Life just feels so different and time seems more valuable than ever....
I still made sure I served the quarantine looks... you never know.
Keep it up ladies, hopefully freedom is just around the corner.


Skinny for the post-quarantine summer

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Happy Quarantine : you have no idea what day it is, you think you're participating in Master Chef exploring every single and upcoming new recipe and your day's most important task is switching from daytime pj's to nighttime pj's. I'm right here with ya'll. LOL. 

I'm trying to keep my low carb diet in place during this quarantine (it's hard to slip up as it's Easter chocolate eggs season and Belgium is providing the goods) but I have to keep in mind that 1. I'm in my early thirties and I just can't eat like a unsupervised kid at a candy store anymore. 2. Single, you catch  more flies with honey than vinegar ladies. 3. Post-quarantine summer is just around the corner and I want to not only enjoy it, but SAVOR it.  Being stuck inside for days really makes you miss all those outside activities I usually try to avoid at all cost. haha. Honestly, I can not wait to get my freedom back and wilding out especially since I had a pretty shit summer last year. Summer 2020 I'm ready for ya!!! 

Back on my skinny topic, the best way for me to keep the extra kilos off is to do low carb diet.
It's not for everyone but it always work for me. I'm not huge on going to the gym - read never going - and still want to enjoy my chocolate and sweet treats. So I cut back on the carbs on all dinners and try to replace it with a substitute.

I wanted to try the cauliflower crust pizza for so long and finally got time to do it. 
I got my recipe from here and I loved it. 


Auntie life, best life

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I may not be a mama just yet but I am definitely that cool 30 something years old aunt traveling the world and visiting from time to time haha. I remind seeing this meme when I was in my early twenties and little did I know this would apply perfectly to my current life situation.

I am a very proud auntie and feel a love I never had before for my two (soon 3) little babies.
Knowing that my sisters - who I used to fight with - created little humans that look just like us still baffles me at times. It's so fun to see them grow and I'm definitely that annoying aunt sending pictures to all my friends. 

My niece is used to her auntie Lou dragging her to her little photoshoot on the streets.
I will definitely make her a cute 20th birthday album of all our blogger style pictures together.


Spring transition

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Spring on my mind! We're changing the hours pretty soon and I just can not wait for warmer days and therefore cuter outfits. I can't even phantom the thought of having to wear a long wool coat any more. So over it. I want open toe sandals, cute skirts, tanned legs, cute tops, fresh floral scent and glossy lips. 
Because it's the transition, I will still be going with darker and safer colors (I will keep the bright ones of end of Spring and early Summer).
Every single items of clothing on here is from Zara. They have finally got their shit together and stopped with the ugly unwearable 80's pieces (enough with the neon green patterned puffy sleeves already). My favorite looks on there are the black cropped cami with the polka dot skirt. Paired with red nails and a cute sandals. Bling it up and you're ready to go. 

Also, that one shoulder asymmetric black camisole is SUCH a good date night piece. 
Paired with a jeans or white trousers for a more sophisticated look...ughhh gorgeous!

Also, the FENTY lip gloss is the best gloss out there and you NEED it absolutely. 


When the time get tough, I get blonder

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Well, hello there. Hello 2020.
What a year was 2019.... I can't even begin to explain the challenges, up and downs I had to face. Truly a rollercoaster year. So much happened. I went to being in my routine and somewhat settled life in London to living in a gorgeous penthouse in South London with cokeheads flatmates, quitting my job, going through it all summer and ending leaving London after just feeling like I couldn't make it work there any longer. I moved to Barcelona for 3 months, without any plans and just enjoyed the playa & sol lifestyle. Got bored after these 3 months as the pace of Barcelona was too slow for me and ended up going back to Brussels to gather myself and make less fickle plans.

I am now in Paris, in a totally new fields (no longer working in cosmetics), blonder than ever, visiting London regularly where I left my dear friend Kahina and in totally different place and mindset.

Leaving London was quite unexpected and gave me and my London BFF Kahina both a shock. 
Life took an unexpected turn and I just didn't feel like I had my place in London. I sort of felt pushed out of the city. It was bittersweet and at the same time what I think was needed, looking back, to re-appreciate the city and everything it has to offer. I was in a negative mindset all summer 2019 and just couldn't seem to enjoy anything anymore.
My friend got really lucky and her life in London took a very positive turn. Mine just went downhill very quickly. I realized at that time that I can't always count on luck to be on my side and get out of troubles. I had to take responsibility, make adult decisions and be more prudent with my decisions. 

Now, visiting London I just get sparkles in my eyes and have the time of my life every time. 


Of course, no matter how hard times are, I still remain a fashionista at heart.
I just thrive on improving my looks and feeling my best. At any time. No matter my personal situation. As time got harder, I went blonder. Got a new set of extensions, dresses got shorter and looks were sassier then ever. Fashion and dressing up to me is a true form of therapy and being able to express myself. This is one I realized this is what I want to do. I want to help people dress up and feel, look their BEST. It's so therapeutic and fun at the same time. Being able to feel confident in an outfit that reflects your mood and personality (or multiple ones). 

I so look forward to 2020 and trying to find friends or people I meet and be able to personal shop 
and style them. 
Help them with their appearance and fashion choices. The virgo knows best!


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