What I wore : pink overload

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! I had a fab time last night celebrating with my favourite gal Kahina.Life has a funny way of working sometimes. When I first moved to London, I came here not knowing anyone and that’s totally fine with me as I really enjoy my own company and being alone. I started working at Harrods and totally randomly met Kahina after a 3 days training. We immediately clicked - both being from Brussels and living alone here in London and going through a break up - after talking more and getting to know each other we discovered with much surprise that we shared extremely similar stories and could relate strongly to life experiences we both had. Since then, a little over a year later, we have grown so much and helped each other doing so.

 The up and downs, we just get it. We ended up going on holidays together - which was really fun and she is basically my side kick whenever I go out.I also feel like we compliment each other very nicely in both our personnalities &; attitudes. Very different but blending it nicely. Also, I think the fact that she is a Taurus - the typical type -  plays a lot as I always love Taurus’s energy. They just have that calm and grounded presence. I noticed recently that a lot of my friends are either Air sign or Earth signs - mostly Capricorns or Aquarius with a few Gemini & Aries here and there. Interesting to see what signs you are surrounded by isn’t it. Since learning more and more about Astrology, I just can NOT help but ask any person i meet….”So what’s your sign? when is your birthday?”. Especially in a work environnement. I just have to know. (Of course my manager is a Capricorn, you can’t make that shit up). 

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