What i wore: aviator chic


I have been waiting for the snow to show up for so months now just so I could wear my aviator jacket bought 50% off this summer in the sales. Little did I know we would have such a mild winter, with little to no rain and this jacket is surprisingly hot... not that I am wishing for snow or anything but in terms of fashion, first snow is always interesting.. let's just say that. So instead I just threw it over my shoulders, which is my GO TO whenever I want to jazz my outfit up a notch. The ultimate obnoxious basic bitch move! Honestly not my best picture but I am committed to taking more outfit pictures and you have to deal with the good AND the bad days. So there you go....fashion first!

On a totally different note, I also discovered that my new flatmate is also a Virgo - as was my previous one. Two nervous perfectionists, health obsessed, over criticizing and nit picking girls living together with a daily routine consisting of unhealthy isolating sessions while overthinking about ways to improve themselves over and over and over again...now I would pay to watch that on TV. Ha

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