Friday, February 8, 2019

Better latte than never

How is it February already? Blink of an eye and January - which felt like a year on its own - has gone by. I just received my Magic of I  Astro Planner last week and am obsessed with it. I will show it in my next post as if you are interested in Astrology or know someone who is, this planner is pure perfection. I just recently moved to my new house in South West London. I absolutely do not like moving houses or any sort of change in general but this is something I had to learn how to deal with since leaving Brussels a year and a half ago and move to London on an impulse. When I moved here, I was literally petrified. But then, you just have to learn to adjust and go with the flow. You have to make it work at the end of the day and trust me you will find ways to do so when you don't have to option. Stepping out of your comfort can be scary but I truly believe it is good to shake things up at times.

I literally moved 4 times last year, 5th move in early 2019 and it does get easier. I like my little cosy cocoon but it's a good exercice to learn that you can re-create wherever you want. It's all part of the letting go process I am forcing myself to religiously follow now. What no longer serves me, doesn't make me happy or is holding me back : I let go! This is also what they teach you in my Astro Planner with New Moons and Full Moons Rituals - how New Moon in Aquarius of me to write this, hehe! - although I don't really do those, I do think it's essential to learn how to let go.  Looking back, I do not regret one second moving here. I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in life. They say : if it scares you, you should probably do it. LOL I am like...the Buddha of SW London! So wise, haha!!



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