Thursday, February 28, 2019

Stuffed peppers

Just wanted to quickly share my super easy, quick stuffed peppers recipe. Nothing more basic, just fill your peppers (or courgette) with a delicious bolognese sauce - or chili con carne - and top it up with cheese. It makes the perfect lunch, super low-carb and highly delicious. I have been craving more comfort food at the moment so this is perfect. I just can not do any more salad! I need warm, cheesy & lots of taste. I add Cholula as well to have that little extra spice and it really satisfy my cravings. 



Sunday, February 17, 2019

Homemade tortilla chips & guac

It's snack time....again. Ugh, I just love my snacks but as I am trying to watch my carbs intake I had to find a alternative to eating tortilla chips guilt-free, you got to get creative... One of my favourite thing to snack on is guacamole. I like mine with green tabasco and shallots. I could eat it every single day but the tortilla chips aren't the best if you are trying to watch your carb intake (especially as these are just a snack, I would prefer to save my carbs for a nice lunch or dinner). I always buy these tortilla wraps from Sainsburys or Ocado and they are absolutely delicious. Each wrap contains 4,2 total carbs which is very good considering a regular tortilla chip bag can go up to 55 carbs.

They are also so easy to make: you just slice your tortilla in tortilla shape size, add a little bit of coconut oil on top and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. You want them crispy not burnt so watch your timer. Add a pinch of salt and you're good to go. Such a delicious alternative and will satisfy your craving. 



Friday, February 15, 2019

Dating horoscope : get over it

Happy friday!'s a gorgeous one in London, 14 degrees today. In February! Can you believe? I am heading to Central London tonight for a girl's night. Au menu will be plenty of holidays planning, boys talk - of course - and little fashion chit chat. Tonight's topic will be boys related :it's not that deep.... get over it. That's the horoscope for today and every single day of the year ladies. If he is not your husband, just keep it moving. I work in an office that is female only - so you can imagine how the boy talk is going - and I always hear the same stories about girls going back to their exes, entertaining players, etc etc. So how you cope with a man playing hot and cold? ghosting? disappearing? putting less effort? acting up? 

You just stop entertaining, you move on and get over it. That simple. 

1. Know.your.WORTH. When it's time to walk away, do it and make sure you look your BEST while doing so. 
2. Don't get emotionally involved unless it is serious. Us women have a tendency to get emotionally attached quickly. Men on the other side... don't and you shouldn't either before he is obsessed with you first. 
3. Never look back, we only move forward in 2019! Never be afraid to lose a man, they are replacable.

Reminder : Life is too short, men are replacable - if he ghosted : don't torture yourself trying to understand why.  You have your answer. He either got what he wanted and doesn't want it anymore or realised he can't get what he wants from you. Either way, he is just not into you. So, look your best and go get another one...or two that will appreciate and spoil you ;) 



Tuesday, February 12, 2019

In my cart: Galentines Day

It's coming ya'll! Galentines day is just around the corner - Feb 15th and I am very excited mainly because it's the perfect excuse to go out with my friend, dress up and have a few drinks at a nice bar.My mood for this year Galentines Day is blazer it up but make it girly. I love how a blazer can be worn up or down - groundbreaking fashion statement haha but I just do!  It is such an understated way to make a huge statement. I love being able to look effortlessly put together, and a blazer will help you achieve just that. Make sure it fits proprely though... 

The thing is to either make it more girly by picking an ultra feminine colour, mixing it up with a pair of matching skirt (the Topshop blue matching one is adorable!). Also, accesorise it! Cute hair accessory, perfect manicure, lace bra underneath to make it a bit more daring. The options are endless.  I think I will go with the Lilac one from H&M with either a mini skirt or a pair of slim mom jeans. It's still winter but I am over dark colours especially if I go out, so I will make sure to look as spring-ish as possible. Not totally decided yet on what to wear but will try to take a decent OOTN and post it on here later this week.


Midday snack / Kalo rice cakes

This is my new obsession : the Kalo Bluerry & Vanilla rice cakes topped with almond butter (I love the Pip & Nut one) + fresh dates as an extra. This is such a highly addictive combo and perfect midday pick-me up snack. I usually have peanut butter on toast with either jam or fresh berries but lately I have been trying to diverse my snacks so this is my new favourite combo. 

Also, the fact that the rice cakes are Blueberry & Vanilla flavoured makes a big difference as you can snack them on their own - I just can not do the regular rice cakes anymore. 



Friday, February 8, 2019

Better latte than never

How is it February already? Blink of an eye and January - which felt like a year on its own - has gone by. I just received my Magic of I  Astro Planner last week and am obsessed with it. I will show it in my next post as if you are interested in Astrology or know someone who is, this planner is pure perfection. I just recently moved to my new house in South West London. I absolutely do not like moving houses or any sort of change in general but this is something I had to learn how to deal with since leaving Brussels a year and a half ago and move to London on an impulse. When I moved here, I was literally petrified. But then, you just have to learn to adjust and go with the flow. You have to make it work at the end of the day and trust me you will find ways to do so when you don't have to option. Stepping out of your comfort can be scary but I truly believe it is good to shake things up at times.

I literally moved 4 times last year, 5th move in early 2019 and it does get easier. I like my little cosy cocoon but it's a good exercice to learn that you can re-create wherever you want. It's all part of the letting go process I am forcing myself to religiously follow now. What no longer serves me, doesn't make me happy or is holding me back : I let go! This is also what they teach you in my Astro Planner with New Moons and Full Moons Rituals - how New Moon in Aquarius of me to write this, hehe! - although I don't really do those, I do think it's essential to learn how to let go.  Looking back, I do not regret one second moving here. I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in life. They say : if it scares you, you should probably do it. LOL I am like...the Buddha of SW London! So wise, haha!!


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