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Who knew? 4 years later and I am back to my first love : blog writing! 

The "My Precious Nail Polish" blog name had to go, as the nail polish obsession is no longer since discovering the wonderful and overpriced world of Shellac. The 200+ nail polish collection is out the door too - which I realise now is completely unreasonable - and I am happiest when the most basic regarding my nails. Natural shape with a good old baby pink, can't wrong. I have been going back and forth between CND - Romantique (pictured below), OPI Funny Bunny and DND Coral Castle if I am feeling a little bit adventurous. But that's about how wild it gets in the nail department. 

Of course I didn't totally disappear from the Social Media sphere. I mean, I have been doing my little outfits post continuously on my Instagram page (here). So what happened in 4 years? Traveled a bit, coloured my hair as a coping mechanism from very dark to blonde, to dark again and now back to ombre with very few left to work with due to inopportune bleaching.

I became an auntie (of 2) and am utterly obsessed with them.
Also, forever stunned that 1. my sister MADE THIS and 2. how much they look like her. 

Forever guilty of mirror outfit selfies as your good and patient friend willing to take outfit pictures is not always available. 

Moved to London after a break-up without too much of a plan and have been living there for about a year and half now. Roasts dinner, mastering my "aRe yoU haVinG a laUgH", hanging out mainly with Europeans - in true expat style - and actually seething if I have to wait more than 3 minutes for my train… all part of my life. 

I also turned 30 last September - celebrated in style in Milano and have loved my thirties so far.
I always felt like a old soul /hermit at heart (blame it on the Capricorn Moon/Cancer rising combo?)- and literally would force myself at age 20 to 24 to go to clubs although I always hated it deep down. Nothing sounds more appealing to me than an early morning, sipping a super frothy latte in bed or an early dinner with friends. 

Twenties are very much overrated anyway….. RIGHT?

Now, "The Virgo Told You So" will be a mix of unsolicited advice - in true Virgo style and its perpetual quest to bettering themselves and others, outfits sharing, meal and snacks ideas, and maybe even dating tips? Let's do dis…. 


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