In my cart: winter night out

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"Winter night out" sounds like my worst nightmare but living in London you either deal with it and serve some cold weather looks or hermit your life away until late April. That is what happened to me last year, I literally disappeared and forgot about any social life until May. Yes, I am affected by the weather and so is my fashion. The key is to invest in some good winter staples that can be both worn day and NIGHT time. Thigh highs - with walkable heels - Oversized long coat - to throw over your shoulders for a date night - warm and cute tops -high necks are my favourites and last a good pair of faux leather pants. 

The Topshop heels included in my picks is Uber material only of course. But how gorgeous are they? I have ordered the polka dot skirt + high neck t-shirt from ZARA. The colour  of the skirt really makes this outfit interesting and a good change from the good ol' winter head to toe for a night out. I feel like personally if I have a really cute outfit, it does motivate me to go out more. If I doubt my outfit I WILL cancel our plans - my friends can attest this. 


Best supermarket snacks

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I am SUCH a supermarket rat. I just love going food shopping, look at the different options and new brands available in different shops. And I am always on the hunt for that new snack.  I usually shop at Waitrose for my regular groceries, I love Sainsbury's and Asda for the snacks and Free Form alley (the Asda in Clapham Junction is the best!)

Ok so best healthy-ish snacks at the moment : 

 Fibre One Lemon Drizzle or Cinammon Coffee Cakes : ugh these are so good. Not sure they are healthiest in terms of ingredients, but they're such good little sweet tooth craving treat for only 90 cal.Although can replace the taste of homemade brownies, these a good to pack for work if you don't have time to bake anything. Hippeas Take It  Cheesy : ok so now these are my top crisps EVER. I literally can go through a pack of these on my own in like 10 minutes. You can't understand unless you have tried them. Proper Corn Peanut Butter & Almond: Addictive. Not too sweet. Perfect balance of peanut butter & almond taste. Just divine. 4. ButterKist (or Kelkin) Sweet & Swalty Microwave Popcorn : I just love those because the little portions are perfect for cravings and also the fact that you get to eat warm pop corn - nothing can compare! 


Current skin care routine

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How did I manage to blog for 5 years about beauty products? I literally do not know…I literally have 5 to 6 skin care products nowadays and my routine is very basic.Also, no product can completely transform your skin. At the end of the day, I believe that plenty plenty of water and -mainly- healthy homecooked food is key to good skin. I have been using a few The Ordinary products lately and so far, so good. I really enjoy the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, as it has really made my skin tone more even. The Hyaluronic Acid serum is a bit too sticky in consistency for my taste and I don't really see a result. Also, it has been breaking my skin out when I first started using it but now I can get away with finishing it. (Will not repurchase). The Granactive Retinoid 2% emulsion is an opaque liquid, that is supposed to be anti-aging. I think I just like the comforting idea that I am using something before my moisturizer on a day to day basis. My skin does look a bit better so it must be from that and the steamed brocoli I have been stuffing myself to lately hehe.

Moisturizing wise : I like my skin hydrated and glowy, healthy looking - lol who doesn't? - and have been using my cherished Weleda Skin Food for YEARS now and I swear by it. Because my skin is ultra dry, I can get away with wearing it all year around. I barely wear makeup anymore, and whenever I do - basically foundation & bronzer - I always end up applying a little bit of Skin Food on my non-existant cheek bones to add a natural highlighter to my skin. Also, I wear it on my shoulders and décolleté whenever I am going out as it gives the BEST healthy glow. It's just a must have product that I recommend to all of my friends and family - they all use it now too haha!


What i wore : Aquarius season

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Pile jacket / Ripped Jeans (similar) / Sunnies / Sneakers (similar, I am wearing Stan Smith) 

Happy Aquarius season ladies! Time to get unconventional, think outside the box, leave your crush on read, wear lots of glitter for no reason, detached from your emotions but allow yourself to feel them, start a new idealistic life mission of yours etc. Finally some air and lightness after this heavy Capricorn season. Phew.. 

Quirky Aquarius season, quirky picture with some sunlight beaming with my most basic - yet put together and comfy outfit. I am a Virgo after all ! I am OBSESSED with my pile jacket from H&aM. I wear it so much and for the price, the quality is impressive. (it was very cheap, haha).Also, these Zara jeans are from last year but I have linked a very similar pair from Topshop!You gotta love how a ripped jeans and a pair of sunnies takes your outfit from basic to basic AF.

 We have had the most sunny weather lately in London. No heavy rain in sight so far in 2019...It was a good reason to walk around West London and discover a bit more of this City.That's definitely on my to-do list for this year as although I am still a freshie in the UK, I end up hanging out mainly in my SW hood and always going to the same places. My family will be visiting later this year for a long weekend so I need to prep a list of things to do to make sure they have the best time over here. 


Fibre me up!

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Afternoon cravings are the...absolute….worst, especially when you work in an office. I am trying to not restrain myself too much otherwise I end up obsessing over the chocolate covered pretzels I didn't eat and end up eating 20 then feeling like sh*t for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well..Snaccidents happen. I am by no mean a nutritionist but I have recently learned that by increasing your fibre intake, it will not only make you feel full longer but also help you lowering your net carbs intake. I am not on Keto diet (or any specific diet for that matter), as I am trying to eat intuitively - how obnoxious does that sound? haha, rolling my eyes as I am typing this -  but in general I just feel better when I am lowering my carbs intake. My stomach is flatter, I have more energy and just feel better overall. Because of my very big sweet tooth, this is very hard to monitor as carbs are pretty much everywhere! 

The first thing I like to do to curb my sugary snack craving is to make myself an iced coffee.  I always use nut milk, either almond or cashew (unsweetened!) and make it extra icy.  Guilty of using plastic straw only as I just can't deal with those paper ones that become soft in my drink. Ew. I should probably get a metal one ?! Recently, I also have been adding inuline - I am using one by SimplyGo -  to my latte (which is basically soluble fibre). Be careful with inuline as it is quite strong and not everyone will digest it the same. I personally only add ONE spoon max. now - I did 3 on my first days and majorly regretted it after, haha.

Now the actual eating part : I am always on the lookout for high fibre - low carbs snacks. One of my favourites lately have been either the Fibre One 90cal (the cinnamon one is to die for) or the Ape Coconut bites (highly, HIGHLY addictive, especially the original one). These snacks are perfect because 1. they are both under 120 cals and 2. are very low in net carbs (net carbs = carbs - fibre). Fibre One has 7g of sugar and Ape Coconut Bites only has 3,6g of sugar! I can see my health improving just by reading these numbers to be honest. Haha. I also like that you can portion control these as I have absolutely no will power whatsoever when it comes to "just put the bag down for next time". 

What are you favourites low carbs snacks ?? 


In my cart: warm & cosy

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In true Virgo style : wishlists, after to do-lists, after other shopping lists and resolutions lists...and the list literally goes on and on..and on. I can't help it, I love to plan and prep. Although I barely even wear makeup anymore, my love for fashion never really faded. I personally always look to get inspo from others via either blogs or Instagram (or street watching for hours while sitting in a patio during summer time).

It's January so obvi, my priority is trying my best to look stylish while staying warm. I can't believe I once wore ballet shoes relentlessly for an entire winter at age 12 because I was convinced my legs looked fat if I wore boots. Lol. Not going to lie,  as much as I love to look cute and put together...I do end up going in full on gym wear to work some days as I just can't be bothered. The key to still looking cute if the latter the good hair/skin combo! If your hair and skin and look good you can basically pull off any look. Also, I personally try to avoid heels during day time at all costs just because 1. Where are you going hun?'s day time. and 2. Flat life is the best life. Comfort first. 

The only time I can do a day time heel is with a pair of boots with chunky heels only. I love these from H&M, the snakeskin print is on point. Perfect shade of brown and I really like that the heel is a bit different than normal. It adds that little….oomph.

That croc tote has been on my wish list for ages now, I wanted to get it when I was working in Harrods last year as I had the 40% staff discount (say whaaat?) but it was never in stock. I will be mine this year as I just need a tote bag to complete my little collection.

I just got that pile jacket (also from H&M) and I am OBSESSED. Although highly synthetic, it is warm and doesn't look too H&M-ish. In the perfume department, I am still very much in love with my Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche, but can't get my mind off the Balenciaga B. since my visit to Sephora last summer. It's not available everywhere in the UK but Debenhams and Harrods do carry it.

The most exciting item on this list HAS to be my Astro Planner, which I have pre-order.
The title of my blog might have given you a clue, I have been really into Astrology lately and the study of planet transits in general. I can not wait to get my sh*t together while analysing all the eclipses and different planet returns. Maybe I do find it quite reassuring when all goes South, to blame in on the Mercury Retrogade. Astro joke 101 - haha. 

XO, Marilou 

New blog, who dis?

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Who knew? 4 years later and I am back to my first love : blog writing! 

The "My Precious Nail Polish" blog name had to go, as the nail polish obsession is no longer since discovering the wonderful and overpriced world of Shellac. The 200+ nail polish collection is out the door too - which I realise now is completely unreasonable - and I am happiest when the most basic regarding my nails. Natural shape with a good old baby pink, can't wrong. I have been going back and forth between CND - Romantique (pictured below), OPI Funny Bunny and DND Coral Castle if I am feeling a little bit adventurous. But that's about how wild it gets in the nail department. 

Of course I didn't totally disappear from the Social Media sphere. I mean, I have been doing my little outfits post continuously on my Instagram page (here). So what happened in 4 years? Traveled a bit, coloured my hair as a coping mechanism from very dark to blonde, to dark again and now back to ombre with very few left to work with due to inopportune bleaching.

I became an auntie (of 2) and am utterly obsessed with them.
Also, forever stunned that 1. my sister MADE THIS and 2. how much they look like her. 

Forever guilty of mirror outfit selfies as your good and patient friend willing to take outfit pictures is not always available. 

Moved to London after a break-up without too much of a plan and have been living there for about a year and half now. Roasts dinner, mastering my "aRe yoU haVinG a laUgH", hanging out mainly with Europeans - in true expat style - and actually seething if I have to wait more than 3 minutes for my train… all part of my life. 

I also turned 30 last September - celebrated in style in Milano and have loved my thirties so far.
I always felt like a old soul /hermit at heart (blame it on the Capricorn Moon/Cancer rising combo?)- and literally would force myself at age 20 to 24 to go to clubs although I always hated it deep down. Nothing sounds more appealing to me than an early morning, sipping a super frothy latte in bed or an early dinner with friends. 

Twenties are very much overrated anyway….. RIGHT?

Now, "The Virgo Told You So" will be a mix of unsolicited advice - in true Virgo style and its perpetual quest to bettering themselves and others, outfits sharing, meal and snacks ideas, and maybe even dating tips? Let's do dis…. 


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