Monday, May 18, 2015

A few summer basics

New basics

Hello girls! Summer is just around the corner and here's a few things I have order lately. I have been feeling like wanting to spruce things up in my closet lately. Out with the old stuff, in with the new! I even did a closet sale on saturday and it actually wasn't that bad to get rid of some of my 'old' - last year - favorite items!

 I needed a lot of new basics, so here's what I got so far:

 Ripped jeans - these ones are the Lucas from Topshop, I got them today and they fit so well! They're  a straight leg jeans and they look super laid back. Add a little pair of mules and a lousy top for a perfect evening summer look.

Grey tee - I got this top in white, black & grey. The perfect everyday long sleeve ribbed top.

White blazer - Nothing screams more summer than a white long line blazer. This one is so perfect as it has a bit of a masculine vibe to it but it's still super chic. Perfect to dress up or for a more casual day look. 

Espadrilles - the perfect white pair from Asos. Espadrilles + a good pair of ripped jeans = the perfect summer combo!

 Leather black bag - I needed a new shoulder everyday black bag and I have found this one on the tiptop website. I love the leather material and the two zips on the sides, it gives that extra edgy look. 

Highlighter - You need highlighter all year round but even more during summer. That extra glow is always welcome! One of my favorite lately has been the 'Glow' in Gleam by Topshop. Look at that rose gold packaging! 

Mules - If you haven't need to get yourself a pair of mules! They're my new favorite heels for summer. So easy to walk with and really comfy. It also adds an extra edge to any of your outfit. Love!

Denim shorts - The ultimate summer look. To be paired with a white shirt and some espadrilles. 

These are kind of items you can wear over and over again during summer time, for a comfy day out or just add a pair of mules and you're good to go for drinks at night with your girls. 
You may have noticed that I added a little extra on my wishlist, the Balenciaga wallet. This wallet is the ultimate basic. It's pricey but it's also timeless. To get or not to get? 

1. Wallet: Balenciaga (here) // 2. Grey tee: Topshop (here) // 3. Earrings: Zara (here
 4. Denim shorts: Zara (here) // 5. Mules: Nelly (here) // 6. Jeans: Topshop (here
 7. White blazer: Topshop (here) // 8. Leather tote bag: Topshop (here
 9. White espadrilles: Asos (here) // 10. Beauty stuff: Topshop (here) and (here)



What's up my precious ?

Hello girls! Yes I'm still well and alive. After a long three months - maybe even more - without blogging consistently due to very very intense work schedule, I'm here sitting in front of my computer wondering why my love for blogging has gone away for a while?  Strange question as I'm still the same, I still am obsessed with make up and candles, I still love taking  pictures on white font and I still love interacting with others that are as passionate as I am about those things. So what happened really? Why is my beautiful camera sitting in my shelves? I don't even know myself to be quite honest. I just lost the blogging mojo. Too tired from job long journey home, too lazy on a day off to actually take the time to take decent picture and write, not feeling too good about myself or is it the approaching 30 - Ah ah I'm 26 but hey it's coming! - Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what has been up with me lately.

1. Although I may not be active on my blog, I am on Instagram! No I don't get tired of Instagram as it is perfect for lazy bloggers. You take a picture, edit it quickly and boom it's posted!  You can follow me @myprecious

2. Second news is that I'm back to being a brunette! Yes -The B is BACK.  Being blonde was too hard to keep up with and everybody was telling how "it was not my color". I didn't have time to blog so imagine having time to go a hairdresser every month to maintain the color... It was too much!  
I went back to brunette myself with the help of a pro that told me about Matrix hair dye that you could do at home. It was super easy but I did struggle with the "green hair" syndrome - changing from blonde to brunette you must use "a red tone" color otherwise your hair will turn green - hopefully now the green undertone is gone and I am happy with my color. 

3. I still have two major passion in life : watching The Real Housewives and tanning! 
Not but really, if you aren't watching The Real Housewives you are missing out on rich women of a certain age arguing then going on trips and throwing shade at each other . It's good stuff!!

4. Now that I'm back to brunette I have rediscovered my love for some lipsticks that just weren't doing it for me when I was blonde. For instance, pink lips were just a big no no. Blonde with pink lips? Okay. That's not a good look on me, let me tell you! Now I just embrace the bright colors back into my life. 

5. And finally, I would say that I have been on a huge shopping spree for the last three months. I have been shopping online like crazy. I do feel like a deserve lots of treat for working so hard. Doesn't I ? 
Also, I hated everything I had in my wardrobe for spring/summer so it was time for a little closet revamp. 

Until next time! 

XOXO, Marilou 
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