Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wishlist ⎥Monochrome


Hey everyone! Here's a little monochrome wishlist. Black and white is all I seem to wear these days.
I even got called as a waitress in a restaurant this weekend, that's how embarrassing my love for monochrome has gotten haha! I am really excited with the new spring collection, I basically spend an hour every day going online and looking at all the new stuffs. I'm DONE with winter and with wearing massive coats and boots. All I dream about is flats, leather jackets and a tee. No scarves, no gloves. Just bliss.

My hours at work have gotten so crazy that I'll be getting home even later than before. I'll try to post as much as can't be worst than my posting habit during january anyway haha.

I hope you're all doing good!

1. Zara City Bag croco (here) / 2. Zara sweater (here) / 3. Topshop jamie jeans (here)
 4. Zara pointed flats (here) / 5. Zara dress (here) / 6. Fashionology stud earrings (here)
7. Topshop white trainers (here) / 8. Zara pearl earrings (here) / 9. Zara heels (here)



Anonymous said...

Fantastic items! I'm in love with that bag <3

gzfycs3j7c said...

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