What I wore #41 ⎟Staple beige skirt


Hi girls! What a fun day today was. I went to Liège for a little shopping sesh and I literally had the best day. There's nothing like emotional shopping to brighten up your day. There's a Primark in Liège but it was so hectic, everything was a mess in the store, people were stepping on clothes that were lying on the floor. A disaster! Hopefully there's still a Zara and a New Look.  I have bought some great winter essentials. 

I also ate the most delicious cripsy chicken salad lunch. To die for. The chicken was so tender on the inside yet super cripsy on the outside. It was so good, I couldn't help the awkward ' mmmmh food noise' while eating, haha! 

My outfit was really basic, no surprises here with the polo neck and beige skirt. It's pretty much all I've been wearing lately. The beige is such a staple in a wardrobe, it looks so good with everything, don't you think?

I'm feeling super tired know and getting ready for a long day of study tomorrow for my driving test on wednesday. First step is the theoretical part, then the practical part! Wish me luck! But first, I'm gonna lie on the couch and watch The Great British Bake Off - french version, while drooling over all the sweets.

Boots: Nelly (here) // Polo Neck: Zara (here) //  Skirt: Zara (here) // Bag: Nelly

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4 commentaires:

Le Maquillage de Lo said...

Très jolie tenue :) Bisous xx

Mrs. Aa said...


visit mine,
Miss Aa

deltreylicious said...

Très joli look!
Deltrey de deltreylicious blog mode et beauté

Mademoiselle Lala said...

This skirt looks perfect, ideal base for any outfit!