Saturday, November 8, 2014

My first Boots order!

Hi girlies! I'm baaaack. Oh my god, I have missed blogging so much you have no idea but life gets in the way sometimes you know how it is. Since the last time I blogged: I have bought so many new clothes, changed my hair, decided to study and finally pass my driving test and developed a very odd obsession with M&M's. 

I have been dying to get my hands on the Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves curler for a while now and it seems impossible to find online. It was out of stock everywhere! When I noticed it was back on the Boots website last week I couldn't resist any longer and ordered it with few others bits and bobs.

The shipping cost was around 10£ which is a bit ridiculous but worth it on that day as it was one of those 'emotional online shopping sesh' when you feel so much better after placing it.

The order arrived super fast, 3 days later on a huge box. I got three Aussie shampoos from the Aussome Volume and Take The Heat range - my favorites - , the Bourjois duo Délice de Poudre and the best liquid highlighter in the whole wide world from Seventeen. I'm super tempted to place an other order soon. It's like having a little bit of London delivered at your door.... *drooling*

Have a lovely weekend! 




Kmille girly said...

Ce boucleur à l'air génial :)

Unknown said...

J'ai trop envie de passer une commande depuis que tu m'en as parlé ... Grrr. J'ai bien besoin de produits Aussie, les miens sont terminés ! Je vais patienter encore un peu =p

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