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Hello girlies! No time no blog, right?  I need to say that I'm impressed by the bloggers out there that work full time AND still find time to blog every day. Kudos to you! Life is just going by so quickly I barely have time to do my nails at night, prepare dinner, getting my outfit ready (ok this my take a good hour depending on the weather, the mood etc) relaxing a little bit while catching up on my weekly fix of Real Housewives and it's already time to go to sleep. It's nuts!!! 

I wanted to record videos for you, with outfits of the day and fake tan routine but there's always something getting in the way whether it's an event, a bad light, a bad hair day... I do miss blogging a lot, I feel like I can't take care of my baby - my blog - as much as I used to due to my work schedule. But once you stop blogging every day, it seems like you're out of touch with the blogger world. I couldn't tell you right now which is the holy grail foundation or the new must have high end concealer. I still get time to watch some of my favorite Youtubers like The Persian Babe and Ciaoobelllaxo or read some of my favorite blogs ever - Cathinthecity and Buynowbloglater - hopefully so I'm not THAT out of the loop. 

Anyways...apart from that, I have been much more into clothes shopping lately than beauty. When I look at myself 4 years from now, I was beauty obsessed, buying a ridiculous amount of nail polishes and living for a shopping spree on Feelunique. Nowadays, I spend a least one hour every night online, browsing Asos/Topshop/Zara, looking for the perfect pair of jeans or the little blouse that I needed for so long in my wardrobe. Funny how your interest can change, right? I do still love beauty products obviously otherwise I wouldn't spend a good 30 minutes every morning, happily applying my make up and taking time to chose which blusher I'm going to wear today! 

Can you tell I have been obsessed with leopard at the moment? I love my new New Look leopard espadrilles and my Zara leopard silky blouse as seen on Barbara from The Persian Babe - can you tell I'm obsessed with her Youtube chanel? - I know it may seems very Jerseyshore-ey to some of you and especially for boys - my boyfriend hates leopard print with a passion - but I just love wearing a little bit of leopard! I just love it. 

Also this week I have got this beautiful plastic flowers from Maison du Monde and they look SO real and bring such a nice fresh touch to the room, they're incredible! Go get them! I also tried the new Frozen Yogurt Red Berries at Starbucks and it is delicious. I'm so glad I walk by a Starbucks every day when going to work, it makes me feel like I'm working in New York City for 2 seconds - when I'm obviously really not :)

Have a lovely end of the weekend!


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Unknown said...

I know what you mean, I don't know how some bloggers do it but defo kudos to them. The leopard print top is nic too x