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This year has been treating us so good with the weather so far. I love that spring summery feeling, being able to wear skirts a light jacket. That might sounds normal for some of you but if you live in Belgium you know that enjoyable weather during spring time it not always sure! One year it's gonna be freezing and raining, the other year it's gonna be so-so and this year has been sooo good. I hope I don't jinx it by saying that but I hope it'll last all summer long! 

As you can probably notice, I have been wearing a lot of midi skirts. This dress has grow on me, i just love it! It might look a bit granny-ish to some, but I just feel so '60's' and vintage glamorous when wearing them! 

This week I'm going to support my team #SPAIN at the World Cup, although their start hasn't been great at all. It was so humiliating that 5-1 but I hope they'll wake up and get back on their best games! Vamos, haha! I'm the girliest girl but I do enjoy watching world cups although I'm not a huge football fan. I just love the worldwide competition and it's always a great way of getting together with your friends and have a great night! 

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Grace Driver said...

Absolutely love these posts of yours! Love that Oprah quote too. xx
Grace | Glitter and Carousels