Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer sales whishlist ♥︎

It's that time of the year again! Yasssssssss!
Summer sales are just around the corner and I'm ready to shop! I have a few things on my wish list but as usual when you have sales in a shop you always end up buying unnecessary things. This year I really want to stick up to my wish list - yeah, right - and the first thing I was dying to get was this H&M midi black skirt with animal print on it. I actually have found it last week during pre-sales at H&M. I was so happy but the size is a bit too big so I'll have to take care of that. I also am super obsessed with these Zara platform sandals, they're super chic and will go perfecty with the midi dress. Hopefully Zara will put them on sales otherwise...I'll still get them I think haha. I also need some maxi dresses for summer, some snake spring espadrilles and this pearl necklace from Zara which I highly doubt I'll ever find but you never know... 

What is on your list this year?


Miscellaneous #5


A little shopping sesh

There's nothing like a little shopping sesh with a bestie after a long week at work to change your mind and feel like 16 all over again. We had so much fun in Antwerp - which is in my opinion the coolest city in Belgium - we shopped, we ate, we laughed, we drink and shopped even more! I haven't find that many great items on sale as they officially start on July 1st here but I managed to find three summery items, two pair of shoes from H&M and one hippie trouser from Brandy Melville. 

I can't wait for the real sales to start so I can shop my life away, haha! Do you have any favorite store during the sales? Except from Zara of course haha. Mine is & Other Stories, I went there and I fell in love with everything. This shop is right up my alley, the prices are a little bit more on the high end side but you get good quality too! I can't wait to go there and at Urban Outfitters too during the sales!



Sunday, June 22, 2014

Your daily dose of Lauren Conrad #6

Lauren Conrad is getting married this fall! I'm so excited to see what her whole wedding will look like. Until then, here's a little dose of LC to get your week starting on a good note.

I have an appointment to the hair dresser on friday and I will show him LC pictures, I want to get the exact same cut and color. Hope he will gets it because hair dresser are always a bit off when it comes to delivering what I want with my hair haha. 




That summer glow...

It's officially summer time! I can't believe how fast this year is going by - I feel like I said that all the time, getting older symptom perhaps ? - summer is here and I'm so ready. I won't be going on vacays until September probably so I'm stocking up on fake tan to keep it summery until then. I also love my getting my glow all year round on as you may know but summer is that special glowy time isn't it? That healthy glowing skin look we all want. Here's a few of my must have highlighter products! All of them are liquid or cream highlighters are they give the best glowy results in my opinion especially since I have really dry skin, I need some intense glow!

First is this little white jar from Topshop simply called Glow. It's a highly pigmented creamy highlighter  with tons of shimmers with some major gold undertones. It love to apply it with my finger on the top of my cheekbones right after my foundation and before applying my bronzer.

NYX Liquid Illuminator  this one is the one I prefer to mix to my foundation. It has  a lot of pink undertones and gives such a lovely glowy finish. That technique of mixing liquid illuminator with your foundation quite brilliant especially for those early mornings work days when you don't have a lot of time. No, it doesn't make me look like a shiny disco ball as I'm only using a tiny amount of it. It's perfect for a more natural glowy finish than the Topshop one applied with the fingers, obviously.

Last one is the Seventeen Skin Wow! This is, the best of them all in my opinion. It's an exact dupe of Benefit High Beam and it's 10 times cheaper. It's an amazing product that you need in your makeup routine if you love liquid highlighter. It's the best!

My last trick to get that perfect summer glow is to use a humid makeup sponge to apply your foundation. It's the best way to get a natural look with a dewy finish. One of my favourite foundation at the moment is the Rimmel Match Foundation. Super luminous with a light coverage. You do need a good setting powder to make it last all day though!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Miscellaneous #4


Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer beauty lust list ♥


Zoeva rose gold brush set // Essie 'Find me an Oasis' // Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan
L'oréal Miss Manga Mascara // Laura Mercier Primer // He-Shi Express Liquid Tan

Yes, it is time for an other lust list! Summer is just around the corner and I have so many beauty products on my mind for that occasion. The most important ones are the fake tans. I'm a #faketanholic, I live for a tan skin without using UV. I just love the feeling of looking tan all year round, although it might go a bit patchy or over tan from times to times, it does make me feel better about myself. I have been using religiously my Xen Tan Absolute Dark Lotion for a year and it's one the best I have tried. I love to use it on my hands, my feet and my face, it gives such a natural lovely tan.

Body wise, I find the Xen Tan dark lotion too slow to dry because of the moisturizing texture, I'm always applying fake tan at crazy hours - like 10 min before going to bed - I don't have too much patience for it to dry hence my love for the St Moriz Dark Lotion for body applications. It's super dark and dries really fast. I'll give you such an intense tan, it's definitely of my favorite but as a fake tan holic, I always have the need to try new brands. On my lust list I have the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan and the He-Shi Express Liquid Tan which I have already order on Feelunique.  I can't wait to try it! It's more on the pricey side but I have heard so many great things about it so, we'll see!

I also am in great need of new mascaras. I'm so picky when it comes to mascara but I have a few favourites that I have repurchased alraeady such as L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes and the Cover Girl bright green one but I wanted to try a new one so I picked the L'Oréal Miss Manga one because it's pink and everyone raves about it!

Nail polish, I'm craving anything pastel so this Essie baby blue nail polish is right up my alley. It looks perfect for summer! I'm also dy-ing to get my hands on this Zoeva gold rose brush set, how perfect? I already have many brushes but these are the most gorgeous brushes ever and they're quite affordable although they're looking super chic. Last on my list, is the Laura Mercier Primer. I need a good primer for hot summer days and this one is apparently amazing, I'm tempted! I hope it's also a pore know how these pores get outta control during summer time!



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flawless complexion routine

Hi girlies! I have my flawless complexion routine to share with you today. I have finally find a 'routine' - by that I mean 6 products that I have been using almost everyday on a attempt to turn my dull morning skin to a flawless blowy complexion.

1. Treating: Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner, is such a good treating treatment to prevent your pores getting even bigger than they already are especially with the hot weather. It reduces the size with time but the difference is quite demure! I like the prepping feeling the cream has so and I like to think that it's  treating my pores!

2. Moisturizing: Darphin Vital Skin Replumping cream, my new favourite skin to use in the morning. It's a cream that's meant to revitalize and illuminate the skin. It does work, my skin is looking much more healthier after applying this!

3. Prepping: L'Oréal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer: It's not my favourite primer to blur the look of pores but it's the one I'm using currently and although it's not the best, it's good! I was using the Bourjois Flower Perfection one before which was a bit better in my opinion but I think next on the list to try will be the Benefit Porefessional. I have been using a primer pretty much every day, although it's not the best for your skin I just love that smooth skin feeling you have right after!

4. Foundation: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous & Garnier BB Cream are my two favourite foundations so far this year! The Garnier BB cream is my favourite BB cream -but I haven't try them all so...- it's so lightweight and easy to apply for a super natural finish. I like to use this when I know the weather is going to be super hot! The CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous is my big favourite this year. Hands down the best foundation I have ever tried right after the Bourjois Happy Light - which I think will be forever my favourite because of its glowy finish. The CoverGirl one is less glowy but it just makes my skin look flawless, it's covering yet doesn't look cakey at all and has the most amazing staying power! You need to try it! 

5. Setting: Bourjois Flower Perfection. To set all of these products on my face, I need to use a setting powder of course, the one I'm using currently is the Bourjois Flower Perfection one which is said to set the foundation while blurring the fine lines/pores. Now, this is my kind of powder! It's a great powder for its price and I'll be buying this again for sure!

What have been your holy grails product for a flawless complexion girls? 



Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer wishlist ⎪ Pastel envy

pastel envy

Yesterday was amazing, I had such a great day off. Relaxing, napping, blogging, eating in front of the TV and a lot of window shopping on my favourite fashion websites - Asos, Topshop, Zara and H&M. I have a major pastel envy at the moment, I feel it's super girly and adds a lot of femininity to an outfit. I hope I'll find that baby blue dress at H&M, it will be perfect for a wedding I have to attend in september!  The sunnies are a bit over the top but I can't resist a good old floral. I also am on the hunt for the perfect nude flat shoes for this summer and these topshop ones are gorgeous! 

Time to go back to work after a wonderful three days weekend, not gonna lie it's a bit hard but as long as I get my Starbucks I'll be good :)

Skirt: Topshop // Dress: H&M // Top: Topshop // Sunnies: Asos
 Earrings: Asos // Ballerinas: Topshop



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fresh fruits & bold pieces

When the weather is getting hot like this weekend, I just crave fresh fruits and caesar salad for some reasons. I cook my own salad caesar at home, it's super easy to do and super yummy! I like my chicken almost fried, then I add some lettuce, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado and caesar sauce! I could live eating only this for the rest of my life, it's too yummy!

Fashion wise, I love my bold fashion pieces like this Persunmall dress (here), I'll show you tomorrow an outfit with this, it is absolutely stunning! I also am obsessed with my H&;M blinged birken sandals. These are my feet's besties for hot days. It's a great way to stay girly while wearing man repelling shoes! 

I'm off to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hopefully tomorrow is still a day off in Belgium so I'll probably go watch Maleficient if it's raining! 



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bring on the bling!

Earrings (here) // Bracelet (here)

Hi girlies! I'm so happy to show you my new blings. I have been more into more demure pieces of jewelry lately like a tiny evil eye necklace that I have been wearing everyday but from time to time there's nothing like a good old bling to make you feel all sparkly and girly. I have receveid these from Persunmall and I have to say they have one great selection of affordable yet super cute jewelry. My favourite piece has to be the rhinestone bracelet, it's just over the top and will look gaaaaw-jus with my new dress also from Persunmall. I'll try to take some pictures of the dress this weekend for you as it's perfect for hot summer days and nights. 

Have a lovely day until then! 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Is it summertime yet?

Yes! yes yes yes! Summertime is just around the corner. My - midi -  skirts are ready, my fake tan is out - but who I am kidding it is already out all year long - and the sunnies are back! Hopefully we will have a hot, sunny summer like pretty much last year except the few days of rain. Although I'll be working all summer long, I just love going to work in the morning and enjoying the birds chipping and the soft wind on my face. It definitely get me on a good mood!



Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monday wish list


H&M trench coat  // Asos midi floral skirt (here) // Topshop ripped jeans
Zara bag (here) // New Look nude heels (here)

Hi lovelies! Here's a quick wish list with some gorgeous items I've had my eyes on. I have been shopping my life away recently, giving my wardrobe a fresh makeover. From skirts, to basics, to jackets, shoes and of course bag, I feel like I needed to get some new things as my style has changed a lot from student at uni to working girl - sounds very mature writing this haha.

I do still like wearing over the top skirts when I prefer the longer length now, it's much more work appropriate and it's so elegant too. I feel so ridiculous wearing mini skirt, like a little teenager which I'm clearly not anymore! I'm obsessed with that Zara messenger bag, it's such a good running errands bag when you don't need to carry a lot of things with you.

The nude heels from New Look are to die for, totally work appropriate yet no kitten heels and still wearable for a night out after work! Score! I find them so hard to find though, they're sold out everywhere.

The next item is that trench coat from H&M. I actually already got it but I had to put it on my wish list to show you guys how pretty it is! It's a very soft material so it doesn't look too 'police officer' and it's very light weight as well which is perfect for summer nights. I also have my eyes on some ripped pairs of jeans from Topshop and Zara. They're not very work appropriate but I'm just obsessed with anything ripped, it gives such a cool laid back vibe to any outfit!

I'll try to film so of my outfits this week to make a weekly lookbook 
of what I wear to go to work or to go out. 
Have a lovely monday until then! 


What's in my makeup bag

Here's a little peek at what's in my makeup. These are the products I have been using relentlessly for the past month. When I find a good makeup routine I usually stick to it so I can gain some time in the morning. If I try a new look in the morning I usually end up being late so I just stick to my routine. It might change from time to time but it will just be a lipstick change or more intense eyeshadow. I totally forgot to include my eyeliner in this picture which is such a huge part of my routine, without it I feel so tired looking. I'm using the L'Oréal Super Liner, it's easy to apply and gives a super vibrant finish.

On my makeup bag, you'll find anything from foundation, brushes, to bronzer. I think my routine is quite simple yet every steps are necessary to achieve my 'flawless' look. I would feel so uncomfortable not wearing my bronzer or not wearing an eyeshadow base!

PS : the cute makeup bag is from Primark!

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