Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Pharmaclic box

As a french pharmacy skin care aficionado, I just couldn't refuse the offer when asked me to review one of their boxes. The box was filled with goodies to get my skin back to life after winter. Although winter here in Belgium wasn't rough, I believe it's always good to do a bit of a detox twice a year after a season change. You need to adjust your skin care routine so it was the perfect time to try some new products. Not only did I received some great samples and a huge Forté Pharma Detox draining 'juice' but I also got to pick 3 products. I went for the Bioderma Sébium - La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense and Bioderma Hydrabio serum. So far I have been really pleased with my pick as my skin needed some extra moisture. I was really excited about the two Bioderma products as I think they have one of the best skin care range out there at the moment and I can tell you it was no disappointment!

The shipping was super fast and the website provides such an incredible choice of products from medicine to skin care. The prices are also quite attractive knowing that they always do some kind of discount (the joy of online shopping!). For your first order you get free shipping so if you were about to  have a little skin care online spree feel free to check

PS : I haven't tried all of the products within the box yet so I'll do some proper reviews later.


En tant que beauty addict grande amatrice des produits pour la peau qu'on trouve en pharmacie, je n'ai pas su résister à la tentation lorsque m'a proposé de recevoir une boîte remplie de produits divers pour une petite cure spécial 'fin de l'hiver' - bien qu'il n'ai pas été si coriace - il est toujours bon de changer sa routine pour la peau lors des changements de saison. Pharmaclic c'est une pharmacie en ligne ou l'on trouve aussi bien des médicaments (pas ceux sous prescriptions of course) que des produits pour la peau. Le choix est super large et varié = le paradis pour des accro aux soins pour la peau. Profitez-en car pour la première commande la livraison est gratuite c'est donc le moment idéal pour se faire plaisir et se chouchouter un peu!

Dans ma boîte Pharmaclic j'ai reçu pleins de petits échantillons, un baume pour les lèvres de la marque Plante System qui est hyper hyper hydratant et sent super bon (il sera dans mes favoris du mois de mars), une crème pour les mains Roger & Gallet qui ne quitte plus mon sac ainsi qu'un énorme flacon de Turbo Détox de la Forté Pharma. J'ai pu choisir trois autres produits et vu que je sentais que ma peau était fort déshydratée j'ai opté pour un sérum Bioderma de la gamme Hydrabio - qui est je vous l'annonce tout de suite un produit absolument génial - ainsi qu'une crème hydratante Nutritic de La Roche Posay. Pour le choix du dernier produit, mon dévolu s'est jeté sur le Pore Refiner Sébium de Bioderma qui atténue l'apparence des pores. Je vous parlerai des ces produits plus longuement très prochainement, promis! 


Sunday morning & spring cleaning

Hello girls! Long time no see, right? I'm soooo happy to be back to blogging now that I have much more free time and a brand new camera! I feel so good at the moment and it's mostly due to the fact that the weather has been sooo amazing so far in 2014. First of snow and pretty much no temperatures below zero which is very surprising for Belgium. During the night we also shifted the hours, so we may lose an hour of sleep but we gain an hour of daylight. You know what that mean right? Summer is not that far now! Ha! Bring on neon bikinis, midi skirt, and pastel nails.

I have been spring cleaning my room while watching Barbara - The Persian Babe - and spreading my new favorite Yankee Candle smell all over the apartment. I needed to clear out my closet, out with the old and in with the new. I have a beauty haul and a fashion haul coming up for you guys on my Youtube channel very soon as I have been doing a bit of spring shopping lately.

Now I'm heading to the restaurant to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday. Oh sunday, how I love you!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

The midi skirt

This is a look I definitely want to rock this spring/summer. I was afraid such long skirt would make me look fat or super mall but paired with gorgeous heels and a great funky top it gives such class and edgy-ness! I love it. I can't wait to get my hands on some midi skirt very soon, I've spotted some gorgeous one on H&M and Topshop!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Playlist ⎥ Let Go For Tonight



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your daily dose of Lauren Conrad #5

Simply flawless.

Can't wait to see her wedding dress! 



Instalife #23

Hi girlies! My obsession with Instagram keeps on growing, I just can't help myself. The weather has been quite amazing this week and obviously I HAD to get sick. This always happens to me, how lucky am I. My body is feeling so weak and I really need to rest to recover once and for all. I guess that with this really mild winter, the germs haven't frozen and now everybody is getting sick! Damn it, haha!

It's such a bummer to get sick when the weather gets warmer and especially since I have completely lost my appetite over the weekend, my stomach is on pause I think! I'm really excited about this warmer weather, I've done some massive makeup and clothes clear out last week. It feels so great! I also ate so many greats things as you may see below (those waffles were to die for!).

The most exciting part of my sunday being sick in bed was to discover that Ici Paris XL have sent me their new Clarisonic Aria to try out. I'm too excited to try it but I'll wait til I feel better as I just don't have the strength to do it now (even typing this text is really tiring, UGH) and my skin is looking so miserable.

I'm back to rest and I'll talk to you soon. I hope at least you get to enjoy this wonderful weather!


Frame decoration

I've been obsessed with frame decoration since I saw Lauren Conrad's pic on Instagram of her new room (third pic on the montage). It adds such personality and warmth to a room. I have been to many secondhand trade in the past few months and have been collecting many frames with pretty images. I have started diy-ing other empty frames with some of my own creations. It feels so good to let your spirit free and just create and releasing what's on your mind on paper. I used to be a lot more creative back in the days when I was in art school, nowadays I been pretty much working or watching tv shows obsessively so it's great to take a break and do something else (although you can tell I was watching a tv show while doing it, GUILTY!) I can't wait to show you my framed wall when it's finished!



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beauty wish list

1. Kiko eyeliner / 2. Sleek Matte Me / 3. Maybelline The Buff / 4. Jason Thin to Thick hairspray
5. Topshop lip crayon Coi / 6. Big Sexy Hair Flip It Over hair spray / 7. Topshop glow 

Hi girls! I'm here sitting in my hotel room in Liege by myself, just went downstairs to get a naughty fast food and now I'm watching tv. I have been such a great in the city, it's so more much friendly than Brussels and they have so many great food to offer (which is always pleasent, let's be honest) Now I feel so guilty although the fast food was really delicious. Ok, now let's talk beauty! I have been lusting on some beauty products lately and here's my little list!

I've had a massive obsession with thick, voluminous hair (I blame you The Only Way Is Essex) so I have been on the hunt for the perfect volumizing hair spray hence Jason Thin to Thick and Big Sexy Hair! Makeup wise, I really need to try more of Topshop. I already have the cream blushes and their amazing! The Glow and the Coi lip crayon are on my list now!

I also want to try the Kiko eyeliner so bad as I've heard is the most long lasting cream eyeliner out there. My lipstick addiction keeps on growing, so I definitely need to try the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks and the Maybelline The Buff nude lipsticks.

I'm heading to bed now, long day of work ahead tomorrow!



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Favourite Youtubers♥

The Persian Babe

Barbara is hands down my favourite Youtuber. She is such a stunning, friendly and down to earth girl from the UK. I love her style, her 'basic' tastes when it comes to haul and makeup and her videos are just the best. She always keeps it simple but her outfit are always on point. Her english accent is also to die for, I find her just perfect and I obsessed over her new hair color! 

La Vita Di Meg 

Megan is from New Jersey and I'm addicted to her vlog channel. (You may know her as ciaoobelllaxo too which is her beauty channel). I just love how she shares her life with 'us' it makes me feel like I live in the US when I watch her! She's always vlogging at the drugstore, while shopping or while eating at some dreamy junk food places. 

Elsa Makeup

Elsa is my favourite french youtuber from France. She's the cutest girl with the most amazing taste in makeup and clothing. No wonder why she gets so many hits, her videos are just not to be missed.

Dizzy Brunette

Corrie is THE cutest, girliest girl on the blogosphere. I have been reading her blog for a while now and I'm so happy that she's started her own Youtube channel. Her videos are so funny and she shares so many great tips. I always want to buy everything she talks about and her hair are just AMAZING. 

I Covet Thee

Alix is one my latest addiction on Youtube. She has been doing videos for a while but I only recently starting watching them and I just love her. Her beauty is so 'british' like (if that even makes sense) and her makeup is always so flawless. She's the one that got me into bright lips! 

Alex Fashion Beauty

Alexandra is my favourite Canadian youtuber. Her accent from Québec is too cute and I love her videos and her energy. She talks about products that we don't also get in Europe so I love to it even more!

Madame Tamtam

Ok so this may seem really weird but I'm so obsessed with the videos from this girl from Germany although I don't understand a word of what she's saying. I just love her, she's so pretty and her makeup looks flawless. I wish I could understand but I'm just watching clueslessly and enjoying the images just like when I was a child and couldn't read!

Who are you favourite Youtubers??? Please share, I'm always on the hunt for new addictions :)

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