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Hi girls! January is almost over already. Oh my, I feel like this year is going to fly by like no other. I guess that's the kind of thing you say when you get older, haha! January has been filled with great food, great relaxing time and meeting some old class mates in Brussels. I have been seriously pigging out with some junk food lately, it's like my body is crying for popcorns, candies, chocolate bars and french fries, I just can't help it. I need my comfort food especially with this grey weather. 

I have been rekindling with my love for reading with Teresa Caputo's book - the Long Island Medium - Ok this is no Shakespeare but still it's pleasant to read and just turn down my computer, my cell phone and clear my head in silence for a while. If you watch the Long Island Medium show and believe in her abilities to talk with people that have crossed over, you must read this! It's so interesting and I've learned so much about energy and feeling comfortable with death.

Tomorrow I'm off to a beauty blogger event in Brussels with Linsday then I'm meeting my little sister, we might go and eat to a little african place next to her new place. I can't wait although I haven't decide yet what I'll be wearing as the weather is going to be so terrible so I must make wise fashion choices ;-)

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2 commentaires:


nice pics, love inst pics :) the outfit is very cute and I love the LI SHOW :)

Anaïs Hamamelis said...

Je viens de découvrir ton blog, il est vraiment super jolie et tes articles sont très sympa !
Bisous :)