Instalife #21


Hi girls! January is almost over already. Oh my, I feel like this year is going to fly by like no other. I guess that's the kind of thing you say when you get older, haha! January has been filled with great food, great relaxing time and meeting some old class mates in Brussels. I have been seriously pigging out with some junk food lately, it's like my body is crying for popcorns, candies, chocolate bars and french fries, I just can't help it. I need my comfort food especially with this grey weather. 

I have been rekindling with my love for reading with Teresa Caputo's book - the Long Island Medium - Ok this is no Shakespeare but still it's pleasant to read and just turn down my computer, my cell phone and clear my head in silence for a while. If you watch the Long Island Medium show and believe in her abilities to talk with people that have crossed over, you must read this! It's so interesting and I've learned so much about energy and feeling comfortable with death.

Tomorrow I'm off to a beauty blogger event in Brussels with Linsday then I'm meeting my little sister, we might go and eat to a little african place next to her new place. I can't wait although I haven't decide yet what I'll be wearing as the weather is going to be so terrible so I must make wise fashion choices ;-)

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New from Bourjois!

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Yes! Bourjois has released, yet again, some new goodies to their never ending line. I was really excited to try the CC Cream and the mascara (Ok, this might be linked to the fact that I really enjoy the cute black and white packaging). To be brutally honest with you, I don't - I really never have - pay attention to the CC or BB labels.  As long as it's making my skin looks better, glowier, healthier...It's fine with me! The CC cream though is supposed to not only enhanced your skin's natural beauty but it also meant to treat and nourrish. I don't really know or haven't noticed anything about that part but on the enhancing part I have been really amazed! This CC Cream is - surprisedly - very covering, with quite a matte yet not powdery finish. I find it to be really great for those days when I need a little extra cover without that cakey finish.

The CC eye cream is also meant to cover under eyes dark circles but to nourrish your eye contour. It is definitely moisturizing and covering but not very long lasting much to my dismay. You really need to powder it up or it will crease! I really am not really fond of the plastic applicator which I found really hard to work it. I don't use it and apply it with my fingers to really blend it in correctly.

The new Dark Khôl mascara has - hands down - the cutest packaging I have ever seen on a mascara. it's really burlesque and 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired = right up my alley! The brush is quite surprising as it's not your usual mascara brush. It is made of two 'balls' (I honestly don't know how to describe these little things) on top of each others. It reminded me of that Givenchy mascara they had released back in the days which I used to LOVED.  I had high hopes for this little gem but unfortunately I really haven't been using it as much since I got just because it doesn't give me that 'wow' factor. It does not give me the volume and 'curl' effect I expect from mascaras. Too bad! 

Finally I also got a Liner Feutre in dark purple, which was so fun to try as I always wear deep black liner. I was expecting it to be a bit more on the 'purple' side but the final look was very subtle, you couldn't really tell if it was a soft black or a dark purple. It was SUPER long lasting though, almost though to remove which is always a great thing when it comes to eyeliners in my opinion!

Have you tried any of these new goodies from Bourjois? Which one would you love to try?

Vlog #2 Bruxelles, Starbucks & OOTD

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Petit vlog tout en musique d'une journée à BXL!


Spring wishlist♥

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Hi girlies! Spring isn't really just about to arrive yet but one can dream, right? Since it haven't snow in Belgium - YET - all I can think about is spring! Pastel nails, floral prints, wearing dresses with bare legs, long evening out while it's still clear outside and so on. I'm collaborating with the website Persunmall so I created my spring wish list based on their items. It's a fashion webshop with affordable clothes, shoes and jewelry. The prices are quite affordable so I'm really curious to see how the clothes will look in real life, if the sizes will be right. I have found some the cutest jewelry, and here's my favorites. What do you think? Which one is your favourite? I honestly can't pick one, they're all super gorgeous. You know I have a thing for statement necklaces!

Hello les filles! Bon le printemps ce n'est - logiquement - pas pour tout de suite mais en attendant on peut toujours rêver et se faire des petites wishlists printanières n'est ce pas? Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais perso vu que l'hiver est vraiment très doux en Belgique (étrange.. il n'a quasi pas gelé et surtout il n'a toujours pas neigé)  je suis à deux doigts de ranger tous mes pulls, toutes mes vestes et de sortir les vernis pastels, les imprimés fleuris, les petites robes. Je sais qu'il vaut mieux rester sur ses gardes vu que le temps fait vraiment des siennes, pour ne pas citer l'année dernière lorsque l'hiver s'est prolongé jusque fin mai - un vrai régal pour le moral! Je débute une collaboration avec le site Persunmall car je suis une mordue de fringues et j'ai trouvé que le site proposait des pièces assez cute pour des prix raisonnables. Maintenant je suis curieuse de voir la qualité des vêtements, si les tailles sont bonnes, le temps de livraison etc! Je vous ferai des looks ainsi qu'une review super détaillée sur le sujet, promis! En attendant, voici ma wishlisht printanière. Niveau bijoux, j'ai vraiment craqué sur ces 6 pièces. Très bling bling mais avec une touche pastel ou fleurie, très moi ! J'adore aussi les grosses boucles d'oreilles hyper voyantes pour porter avec une robe ou un haut super basique.

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On the clothes department, these are the six items I have had my eyes on. When I think spring, I think nude colours, sunglasses, but also vibrant colours like those electric blue shoes! How gorgeous? I'm on the fence about the little white blazer, I've wanted one for so long but I'm always worried that white jacket/white shoes will look super tacky on me. The little black dress is to die for, with the scallops details at the bottom and the turquoise statement necklace on the collar. Super cute right? Which one is your favourite? 

Au niveau vêtements, j'ai eu un peu plus de mal à choisir car je super difficile surtout pour les imprimés. Je l'ai donc joué safe et j'ai choisi uniquement des couleurs unies. Ma pièce préférée est la petite robe noire avec le col incrusté d'un collier turquoise + le petit détail au niveau de la coupe dans le bas qui fait toute la différence. J'adore également la paire de talons bleu électrique, la petite touche rock glam par excellence! Je suis un peu dubitative quant au blazer blanc, j'adore le blanc mais j'ai toujours cette crainte qu'en veste ou en chaussure ça vire directement en 'grosse beauf de confessions intimes'. Tout se joue au niveau de la matière. Si c'est un beau tweed ou une belle matière ça peut être magnifique! à tester! Au niveau de la couleur nude, j'ai craqué pour ce sac (il ressemble fort à un sac Chanel il me semble) ainsi que ce petit pull/sous pull 2 en 1, hyper facile à porter avec un jeans. 

Alors quelle est votre pièce préférée? 
Vous avez déjà passé commande sur le site PersunMall?


Little feelunique haul


Hi girls! As you might have heard, (which I thought was actually Fée L'unique for about two years....before realizing it was Feel Unique.) is finally selling Aussie products online. I was SUPER happy when my friend sent me a text to let me know the good news (my friends know me well!). I instantly placed an order but unfortunately most of the range was already sold out so I went with 'only' two shampoos from the brand that I love. The Aussome Volume is my ultimate favourite shampoo. It smells di-vine and makes my hair look amazing! I also tried the Mega Shampoo as it is made for people who wash their hair on an everyday basis (me!). The smell is also to die for and it really cleans my hair perfectly. I really wanted to order the 3 Min Miracle Luscious Long mask but it was sold out and the Take The Heat Leave-in spray too! Boo. Next time I'll make sure to get them and re-stock on other shampoos. Now that feelunique carries this brand, I basically don't want to buy any other shampoos in our local drugstores. 

The next part of my haul is a bit boring, I got my favorite top coat Sèche Vite which is...just an amazing product. The last one I got was back during the summer so it is pretty long-lasting (and I'm changing my nail polish every day). I also got a coral-red shade lipstick from the Maybelline 14h SuperStay range. It's my fourth from their range and I'm planning on getting them all, they're super long lasting and comfortable to wear with a divine smell to top it off! 

Hello les filleeeees! Comme vous le savez probablement déjà, le site (qui comme je pensais pendant des années ne se prononce pas 'Fée l'Unique'....mais bien Feel Unique, la honte) vend désormais la marque Aussie. Je suis une super super grande fan de cette marque que j'avais découvert à l'époque lors de mes nombreux aller-retours vers l'Angleterre. Je n'étais que tristesse et amertume de ne pas trouver cette marque en Belgique NI sur Internet (c'était quasi introuvable). Je ne vous dit pas le saut de joie que j'ai fait lorsque j'ai reçu un SMS d'une amie me prévenant de l'heureuse nouvelle. J'ai, of course, passé commande sur le champs mais la plupart des produits étaient déjà sold out. J'ai pris deux shampoings pour commencer, le Aussome Volume - dont je raffole, le meilleur shampoing au monde selon moi- ainsi que le Mega - un shampoing pour usage quotidien. Je les adore tellement, un peu comme la Madeleine de Proust, l'odeur de ces shampoings me ramène directement à mes voyages à  Londres. La prochaine commande j'essayerai de mettre la main sur le Spray Leave-in Take The Heat (qui sent super bon une fois de plus) ainsi que les 3 min miracle luscious long (mon préféré dans les 3 min miracle). Maintenant que je sais que feelunique propose cette marque, je n'ai même plus envie d'acheter une autre marque tellement j'en suis dingue.

Pour la suite de mon mini haul beauté, j'ai pris mon top coat préféré - le Sèche Vite - qui comme son nom l'indique fait sécher le vernis super vite et lui donne une brillance incomparable. J'ai aussi pris un rouge à lèvres rouge-corail de la gamme  Maybelline 14h Super Stay juste parce que j'en ai déjà trois et que je ne jure que par eux lorsque je veux un lipstick longue tenue et confortable à porter!


Instalife #20

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Hi lovelies! It's time for a little recap of my life through Instagram. I'm getting more and more obsessed with this app it's a bit creepy as it's basically the first thing I do in the morning and pretty much the last thing I check before going to bed. Obsessed much? Yeah. To recap what I've been doing lately is pretty simple : taking selfless, eating cupcakes, drinking Starbucks, tried to cook some new American recipes, painting my nails, went sales shopping and ate some delicious creamy cheesecake in Le Pain Quotidien with my friend!  I wish I could have weeks like these all the time. The weather also has been so good to us lately, still no snow - I cross my fingers and hope I didn't jinx it now - and no below zero temperatures which is truly a miracle because usually by this time of the year, january and february are known to be such cold and grey months! Hope we won't get the cold wave by mid march though!

Now I'm off to watch my new favorite tv show about the amazing blogger Courtney Kerr. It's called Courtney Loves Dallas (I watch it here) and it shows her life, her to die for walk-in closet and her blogging career in Dallas - I am obsessed!!!

Have a great end of the weekend and i'll try to film a little haul video very soon :)

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New year, new wish list


1. NYX Born to Glow // 2. The Balm Bahama Mama // 3. Beauty Blender // 4. Topshop lipstick crayon
5. KIKO Gel eyeliner //  6. Aussie Mega Shampoo // 7. Benefit Stay Flawless // 8. OPI Mod About You

Hello girls! What a great way to start the new year than to not blog for a least 10 days. Oh my!!! I've been a bit bad and missing in action. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging but right now I'm at that weird point in my life where I'm questioning pretty much everything hence the lack of post. I'm adjusting to my new apartment too and I'll try show you my new little make up area soon. New year means also resolutions. I hate resolutions. I'm never good at it so I'm not doing any this year. I'm just going to try to be the best version of myself, be grateful for my life and enjoy it! Now it's time for my new year wish list. Just because I haven't blogged doesn't mean I haven't bought new makeup or think about things I would like to try (in true beauty obsessed that I am). 

1. Nyx Born To Glow - I already mentioned it in a previous post but I don't find it anywhere online (help?). I'm a huge fan of anything that will give me that extra glow that I love so much so I need to try this! 2. The Balm Bahama Mama - Believe me or not, I'm running out of bronzing powder so I need (for once!) a new one. I have my eyes on this Bahama Mama one from The Balm. 3. Beauty blender - I would love to try this beauty blender or the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as the one I have (Cosmopolitan) is amazing but getting a bit old. 4. Topshop Lipstick Crayon - I'm dying to try these oh so famous lipstick crayon, on the top on my list the shade Coy and Velveteen Ribbon.

5. Kiko Gel Eyeliner - Apparently this gel eyeliner is the most amazing, long lasting intense gel liner out there so of course I have to try it, right?  6. Aussie Mega Shampoo - Now that my favourite brand ever Aussie is available on Feelunique (best news ever!) I want to try basically every single one of their product. The first on my list is the Mega shampoo. 7. Benefit Stay Flawless - I need to try this base as I'm struggling with the lasting of foundations on my very spongey skin. 8. OPI Mod About You - I'm in a baby pink nail polish phase so obviously I really need to try this OPI shade as I've heard it's the ultimate baby pink colour! 

What is at the top of your wish list for this new year? 


Playlist ⎢Wicked games

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2013 favourites ♥


It's time for my 2013 favourites! I'm gonna skip my December favourites just because they're very much similar to those so... Let's start! This year has been full of discoveries makeup wise. I have discovered new brands (The Balm, Une..) but fallen in love all over again with others (yes I'm looking right at you Bourjois!). I have also learn/grow a LOT about how to apply makeup, what works best for my skin type and so on (Thanks Youtube!)

My two favourite brushes this year are without the shadow of a doubt my Ecotools Doomed bronzer - my new one and only to apply any bronzer and make it look flawless - and the Real Techniques Expert Face brush - also known as the most effective brush to apply your foundation. Now that I'm using these, I'm wondering how did I even manage to survive before getting them? Go figure.

Mascara wise I have to mention my one and only : Une Volume By Night. Such a perfect mascara that has truly blown me away. One of the best I've had tried in years (and trust I've trust a few!) I'm usually more of a Maybelline/L'Oréal when it comes to mascara but Une really has step up its game with this little gem.

Next, is about my love for Bourjois. Bourjois...ah Bourjois. What A YEAR! Bourjois has released so many incredible this year to celebrate their 150 years and I'm even more in love with this brand than I was before. My top 3 favourite products this year were the 1 Seconde Miracle Nail Polish Remover - moisturizing while effectively removing nail polish with a genius system = dream coming true - then the Java Rice Powder which is a stunning translucide 'yet shimmery' finishing powder that leaves my skin smooth and healthy looking. And finally, my top foundation for this year, the Happy Light Foundation. I have already bought this little gem 3 three in less than 6 months just because it is the perfect foundation for my skin. Dewy without turning shiny and long lasting. 

This year has been a lipstick revelation for me. I've been buying tons of new lipsticks and experimenting with textures, dark and bright colors which is VERY new to me. I'm used to wearing nude lipstick every day but I wanted to spice things up = mission accomplished! My favorite range of lipstick this year have been Maybelline 14H Super Stay. I have 5 colours from the range and I just love their finish and lasting. It's only lipstick I would wear all day and night and not bring it with me on my purse for retouching it just because it is super long lasting and does not transfer. The color are vivd and the finish is matte yet moisturizing. What can I say...I love them!!

To conclude this post, I HAD to mention my holy grail skin savior products. They're both face masks with two different purposes. First is the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Gone mask to clarify and purify my skin. It's smell so delicious and is super effective! The second one is the Avène hydrating smoothing mask, the best moisturizing mask out there. I have the most dry, dehydrated skin out there and this product has literally saved my skin. It has become a staple product.

I'm super excited to discover this year what 2014 has to offer in terms of new makeup/beauty products! Aren't you?


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