Saturday, November 30, 2013

New nail polishes ♥

China Glaze 'All wrapped up' ⎪ China Glaze 'Wicked style' ⎪ OPI 'Honk it if you love Opi' (*)
China Glaze 'All wrapped up' ⎪
China Glaze 'Wicked style'
OPI 'Honk if you love Opi' 

Hello girlies! I've always ordered american brands of nail polishes like OPI and China Glaze online just because it is much cheaper than here in Belgium. The online shop from where I was getting all my nail polishes has closed so I was in need of some need nail polishes suppliers. (herecarries brand like China Glaze, Opi, Essie, Jessica Cosmetics, CND Vinylux, Sèche and Zoya. The choice of shades available is great and the shipping was really fast. I got to pick three nail polishes and I went for three totally different colors. First, the China Glaze 'All wrapped up' because I was looking for the perfect Christmas-sy colour. This one is blue, super super sparkly and very much perfect for the season. I had to apply three coats to get an opaque result and it gets so shiny once you apply your top coat. The colour is really bright and will look good with a plain dress. 

Then I went for the China Glaze 'Wicked style'. Ok so, this colour is so not the kind of colour I would wear during fall or winter but you always need a bright pink nail polish. Even for your toe nails, right? This will be perfect for spring. It's super creamy and super bright. A dream to apply. 

And finally my last choice was the OPI 'Honk if you love Opi'. It's a dark plum colour and it is my absolute new favourite colour for fall/winter. I used to buy over and over again 'Lincoln park after dark' and this one is very similar with a hint of purple which is beautiful.

Which one is your favourite?


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Passing Fancy said...

Love the wicked one ;) and your rings look perfect with every color <3 lovely pics!

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