Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The sample edition #1

I think that just as everyone out there, I love to get samples when I buy a product. It always feels like a little extra on your purchase and an occasion to be tempted (or not) by a new product. Here's a new series of post called The sample edition to make mini reviews about the samples I got and whether I will purchase them in maxi size or not.

First is the Chanel CC Cream. Chanel is the last brand to have come up with a CC/BB cream product which is surprising knowing that every-single-brand out there have their own BB/CC cream. Chanel did finally jump into the CC cream bandwagon with a pretty expensive CC cream to say the least. The CC cream is decently covering and smells divine. It does make your skin much healthy looking. That being said, I do think that they are much better CC creams out there (like the Erborian one) that are less expensive. Will I be buying this in full size? No.

Next we have the Benefit Pore-fessional. This product is raved about all over the blogosphere so I was reaaaally excited to try it. I have horrible skin, with visible pores and acne scars (yickes) so I'm always on the hunt for a product to reduce their appearances. Although it does make your skin very smooth I did not find it was hiding my pores and acne scars as much as the Bourjois Flower Perfection base (The Bourjois Flower is pretty 'oily' so it works for me as I have a very dry skin). I guess this is a product for people with less visible pores than mine because I was not effective on my skin. Will I be buying this in full size? Probably not.

Moving on to the third sample. The Clarins Intensive Serum HydraQuench Bi-phase. Honestly I have had this sample for over a year and never managed to use it although my skin is dry and this is the kind of product that should interest me. The reason why? I've quite understood the importance of using a serum. I don't like the texture of serums and I (used) to find them useless....until....Clarins
HydraQuench. Oh.my.god. Where have you been all my life you pretty little thing? I used it as recommended every night before going to bed just before applying my moisturizer the rehydrate my skin within and MY GODNESS, it works. My skin feels much more plump and hydrated looking (because it is I guess?). This little serum works like magic on my skin, how knew? I really have seen a huge improvement on the look of my skin and I'm really considering getting the full size of this although it's a bit pricey.Will I be buying this in full size? Yes, yes, yes. Or at least will get it for Christmas.

At last is the Benefit Bad Gal mascara. I know that this mascara is not the best Benefit mascara but I really was curious to try the huge brush. Ok so, this is a 'good' mascara but it's not wowing me more than that. For the price I'd rather get two Maybelline/L'oréal mascaras which I find much, much better.Will I be buying this in full size? No.

Which sample have you tried lately and made you want to buy the full size product?


Monday, October 28, 2013

New from Une

Une Skin Ideal foundation (17,49€) ⎥ Une Pearly Eye Palette (21,50€)⎥ Une Green Pride Volume Mascara (18,50€)

Hello lovelies! I have been a bit missing in action this weekend, I needed to rest and get off the computer for a little while. I've received such an exciting parcel last week with some of the new products from Une. I really love this brand especially their mascara (the Volume by Night and the 3 in 1) so I was keen to receive the new Green Pride Volume. The brush isn't synthetic so I'm really curious to see if it's any good. Then I got the Pearly eye palette with three gorgeous eyeshadows, I will try to create a look with these to show you how they look like. Then finally I got the Skin Ideal Youth Serum foundation with hyaluronic acid (YUM). I have a really dry, dull looking skin so I was really really excited to try this new foundation and oh.my.god, ladies, it is AMAZING. Such a good foundation, I can't wait to write a full on review about this little gem very soon. Hope you all have a gorgeous windy day :)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Note to self

This is what happens when I spent my whole evening browsing Pinterest to find some inspiring quotes. Not only they're so very true but they look very girly which is so my cup of tea! I try apply these quotes to my daily life although it's easy sometimes to fall back in darkness of a negativity mindset, I always try to lift things up and think positive, believe in myself and following my heart!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The daily nude lips

L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral' / Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige Démocrachic'
 Catrice 030 'Rose Would You?' / Catrice 090 'Pink Before You Leave' 
1. Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige démocrachic' // 2. L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral'
3. Catrice 'Rose Would You?' // 4. Catrice 'Pink Before You Leave'

I always carry a LOT of lipsticks around with me in my bag. You can never have too many lipsticks in your purse right? I mean Lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks... I need my options, I can change my mind very easily during the day. I always have tons of nude lipsticks because I'm a nude gal whatever day you're having, if you're in a rush or having or don't know what to wear on your lips, nude is always the safest option (nothing like wearing a bright lipstick and regretting it all day). I have many many favourites nude/coral lipsticks but here's the few I have been obsessed with lately.

The Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige Démocrachic' is the nudest colour of the Shine range. I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with this Shine lipsticks. They give such glowy, healthy looking lips. I pretty much plan on getting all the shades in a near future. This one is not super covering and that's why I love it. It tinted your lips and keep them moisturized. 

The L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral' is not a nude (obviously) but this is my bright back-up lipstick in case I want to spice things up in the middle of the day and have a bit more of a bold lips. I bought this because I find it to be a dupe of Mac Ever Hip (which is my all time favourite coral lipstick). It gives less coverage but the colour is really similar (although not that bright in real life) It's my first L'Oréal lipstick (ever! what?) and I'm really pleased with it although I do find the price a bit 'exagerate' for a drugstore lipstick (14€...I mean, I add 4€ and I can get a Mac lipstick) I would love to try more of their lipstick range soon.

The two other products are lip glosses from Catrice. The first one 'Rose Would You' is a gorgeous nude lipgloss that looks amazing on top on Mac Myth but can also be worn by itself for a more natural look (see pic!). The second one, 'Pink before you leave' is a sheer basic lipgloss. I bought this for the only reason that it looks super pink in the bottle and I didn't expect it to be THAT sheer, it though the colour would transform into a light pink but...I didn't. That's fine, I think that sheer lipgloss looks great too by itself or is perfect on top of any lipstick anyway so I always carry it around with me. 

Which is your favourite nude lipstick on the go?



The fall smokey with UNE

This has been one of my favourite smokey look for fall. I have been obsessed with the Une Sfumato eyeshadows, the shades are just right up my alley and easily blendable with the new Une brush. This brush is so amazing and makes the perfect blending brush, it is a bit firm which I think is probably its secret. I have used the Une Sfumato eyeshadows in S13 in the inner corner then a mix between the S23 and S17 in the outter corner of my lid. As a nude pencil I've used the UNE Skin glow which is the perfect nude colour (I used to wear white in my water line but I find nude colours to make the eyes pop even more) The mascara is the 3 in 1 from UNE and it's amazing. I do find the  Volume By Night a tad better because of the tiny brush but this one is just as fab, look at my lashes! Va va voom!



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspiration ⎥Rochelle Humes

I have to say I have been a fan of Rochelle since the first time I saw my first The Saturdays video. I think she is super pretty and I really loved her personality on 'Chasing the Saturdays'. The fact that she is now a mom and keeping her style sassy yet classy (no need to show your bum to the whole world, *hint hint*) is making me love her even more. My favourite style in there is the one with the grey peg trousers + neon sweater and dark lips. I will totally try to recrate this. I think that the pants come from French Connection (here) and I have a similar neon jumper from H&M! My second favourite look is a tie between the pink PVC skirt and the nude dress + side braid. How pretty? She's totally embracing her new mommy curves too. How not to love her?

Which one is your fav outfit?


Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunny fall day & food fair

Hi girlies! Today started sooooo bad. I can't even tell you how mad I was this morning, nothing was going the way I wanted it to be. I took an hour to find a decent outfit, changed my shoes three times, chipped my nail polish when I was already late, my hair were so flat....ugh... you know those days when nothing is going right! Hopefully my afternoon turned out to be much better, I went to the food fair (oh yeah) with my little sister and my grandma and we ate quite a lot. It was so much fun and I love to spent quality time with my family. Also the weather went from cloudy and quite cold to really sunny and "warm". I love how crappy days can transform into happy days! Anyways, now I need to eat and rest a little bit! Hope you had a great day too 

XO Marilou


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Balm ⎥Betty-lou & Mary-lou Manizer

The Balm Betty-lou manizer (18€) // Mary-lou manizer (18€)

The first thing I did when I happily noticed that The Balm was available at Di Drugstore in Belgium is to buy the Mary-lou Manizer highlighter. I wanted to try it for sooooo long as you might have know my name is also Marilou (just the spelling is different!) How cool is it to have a make-up product called after your name? SUPER COOL RIGHT? Not only this Mary-lou highlighter is brilliant in terms of vintage-y/super cute packaging but it is also such a gorgeous highlighter. It gives the most intense glow to the skin and although I much prefer to use creamy product to highlight because the paying off is more intense in my opinion (like Benefit High Beam) this one really blew me off my feet. 

Once I used it I knew I had to get my hands on her sister, Betty-lou. The Betty-lou manizer has also such a brilliant packaging and is said to be a bronzed highlighter I guess. The pay off is super, super intense and it has a lot of bronze undertones. It is quite dark so I wouldn't recommend it to pale skin but I wear it when I'm all fake tanned and it looks amazing to use just next to the Mary-lou manizer. Because it is super pigmented (like the entirety of The Balm range) you must be very careful and use it with parsimony to avoid to disco ball look! I'm obsessed with these two and The Balm in general, I need their entire collection! 

Bon, désolé les filles j'ai craqué dernièrement. I'm so sorry, je n'écrivais plus rien en français dans mes articles pas par manque de temps mais vraiment par flemme. Oopsie! Alors aujourd'hui je vais vous parler des mes highlighters chou-chous de chez The Balm. La première chose que j'ai faite lorsque j'ai, à mon plus grand bonheur, découvert que The Balm était disponible chez Di est d'acheter le fameux Mary-lou Manizer. Cet highlighter me faisait de l'oeil depuis extrêmement longtemps tout simplement car je porte le même prénom Marilou (écrit différemment mais bon je pardonne). Toutes les excuses sont bonnes pour acheter un produit dont on n'a pas besoin n'est-ce pas? haha. Le fait que le packaging soit ultra cute me donnait encore plus envie de craquer et puis bon comme à chaque fois sur Internet soit j'ai la flemme de commander soit j'oublie. Donc lorsque je l'ai aperçu en chair et en os dans la boutique Di j'ai foncé dessus. Je suis super contente de l'avoir pris, non seulement la couleur est sublime mais elle est également très intense et donne un rendu des plus glowy. Que voulez-vous? Once you go Marilou you can't go back! haha.

Bon une fois que j'étais en sa possession et sous le charme j'ai commencé à obséder sur sa soeur : le Betty-lou Manizer. Betty-lou est une poudre bronzante illuminatrice hyper HYPER pigmentée avec des tons bronze très intenses. Je vous avoue que ce produit est beaucoup trop foncé pour les peaux pâles (moi en l'occurrence mais vu que je porte de l'autobronzant sur mon visage, ça passe!) J'adore son rendu très glowy et à la fois bronzant. Il donne super bien porté avec Mary-lou mais il faut vraiment l'appliquer par petite dose car il est fort poudreux et très pigmenté donc il y a un risque de se transformer en disco ball très facilement. Vous en pensez quoi? Vous seriez plutôt Mary-lou ou Betty-lou? 


Bourjois Eau de parfum ⎪Excessive

Bourjois perfumes Chic / Excessive / Fantasy / Lovely (22€)

Bourjois has launched 4 new perfumes (yes new because they already have launched many perfumes back in the days, the first one in 1953 to be accurate). Chic, Fantasy, Lovely and Excessive come in cute little bottles.  I've got the opportunity to try Excessive which is said to bring out the femme fatale within you. 'Fatale because she is completely unexpected : totally free, she proudly asserts her strength of character without taking herself seriously' Oh my god, this is so me! haha. The perfume is a mix of coconut, freesia, cardamon, musk, patchouli and vanilla. I have to say, I'm not really obsessed with the scent as I find it a bit too overpowering for me.  I went to the store and tried all the other perfumes and Lovely was by far my favorite. It's smell so fresh and delicate. For only 22euros, they're perfect for a treat to yourself or a gift to your best friend. I definitely think they would make a perfect Christmas/birthday present! I find it really cool that Bourjois came out with these affordable fragrances.

Comme vous l'avez sûrement déjà lu/entendu/vu de vos propres yeux, Bourjois a lancé 4 nouvelles eaux de parfums! Cela pourrait paraître étonnant (je vous avoue je ne m'y attendais pas!) mais Bourjois a déjà créé des parfums dans le passé dont le premier remonte en 1953. Les quatre parfums : Chic, Excessive, Fantasy et Lovely se trouvent chez Di/Kruidvat au prix de 22€. Le concept du parfum au prix 'accessible' et qui sent bon (parce que parfois les parfums moins cher c'est pas trop ça) est vraiment parfait pour faire des petits cadeaux de Noël/d'anniversaire à des filles girlygirl. J'ai eu l'opportunité de tester la senteur Excessive (le mauve) et j'ai adoré la description qui disait que la femme Excessive est une femme inattendue, totalement libre qui est fière de montrer sa force de caractère sans se prendre trop au sérieux' (c'est so moi haha!) Le parfum est un mélange de noix de coco, cardamome, musk, patchouli et vanille. Je vous avoue que je n'ai pas été séduite par l'eau de parfum Excessive qui est trop 'épicée' à mon goût et un peu trop forte. J'ai été sentir les autres fragrances et je préfère de loin 'Lovely' qui est beaucoup plus délicate et girly. Chacun trouvera son compte dans ses 4 parfums car ils sont tous différents mais toujours glamour.

Which one will you pick? 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monthly favourites ⎥September

Bourjois Erasable eyeliner ⎥ L'Oréal EverPure Shampoo ⎥ Seche Vite top coat 
 Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base ⎥ Catrice Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ Givenchy Kiss Kiss 760 

Better late than never! The weather being super gloomy I decided to stay home today I finally write my september favourites post. I used to be doing YT videos about it but in all honesty I'm just a bit tired of doing videos for now, it's way too time consuming and I really miss taking pictures and writing in english. Maybe I'll try and continue to record vlogs as I think they're much more fun to watch. September has literally flown by, we're already mid-october and I'm already over the cold weather haha. I wish the year would stop in september and start in march. 

Anyways, during september I have been ob-sessed with the Bourjois Erasable liner. It's the best liner I have used so far although so texture is very thick and gooey at first, once you get how to apply it correctly it gives the most intense black liner and is very long-lasting. The black doesn't fade (which happens a LOT with eyeliners)  and you can erase any little mistake you've made with the top 'eraser'. I love this eyeliner so much, I've been wearing it non-stop.

In the hair department I have really enjoyed using the L'Oréal Ever Pure Botanical range especially the shampoo. It makes my hair so soft and really shiny. I find it to be super hydrating for the hair. I'm not found of the 'botanical' smell but the results are so great I can get over it for the sake of my hair. 

The next product is already very well known and loved in the blogosphere but I only got my hands on it mid-august and will never look back on any other top coats from now on. The Sèche Vite top coat is the most amazing, perfect top coat I've ever used. I have almost tried them all and trust me, this is the best. It dries the nail polish super quickly and gives an instant long-lasting shine. I don't know if it's a good top coat to make your nail polish last 7 days because I get bored with my nails every two days so I don't have time to see if it's effective but I would suggest you going with gel polish if you're looking for long-lasting nail polish.

Next is the Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base. I have been using this every.single.day for about three months (since I got it) and haven't touch any of my other bases. It's so handy to use with the applicator, the colour is a nude beige and it really makes my eyeshadow staying on all day. The fact that it's really wallet friendly is a massive plus too!

And finally in the lip department I have been obsessed with Catrice 'Pinkadilly Circus', a gorgeous everyday pink and the Guerlain Kiss Kiss 760 lip gloss (which I would consider to be more of a lip cream!) Pink makes the boys wink! 



Positive thoughts

Have a lovely day :-)



Monday, October 14, 2013

Gloomy monday beauty haul

Bourjois Java Rice Powder (12,99€) ⎪ Essence 'wear berries' lipstick (2,39€)⎪  Formula Pores Be Pure Mud Mask (7,99€) 
⎪ Catrice 'Pink before you leave' + 'Rose, would you?' lip glosses (2,99€) ⎪  Bourjois Happy Light foundation (15,49€)

I blame it on the gloomy rainy weather! I was just out to get something and this is what I came back with. Ugh. I really wanted the Bourjois Java Rice Powder as I've heard it's amazing and I really needed (yes really) to buy the Happy Light foundation as the previous one is already finished. This foundation is amazing, I've already mentioned it a lot but this time I got two shades lighter as I won't be as bronzed as this summer for sure. Then I also got two lip glosses from Catrice and they're amazing if you're on a budget and want some great lip products. I also got a new Essence lipstick as the colour was screaming fall I had to get it (it was only 2,39€ how to resist?) Then as my skin has been acting out a lot lately I figure I'd try this purifying mud mask from Formula. The packaging and strawberry smell are right up my alley! I hope I'll be good. Now I'm back and ready to catch up with my favourite tv shows from yesterday! Have a great monday everyone.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lauren Conrad is engaged!

Awwwww Lauren is ENGAGED! I'm so happy for her and I can't NOT wait to see what her wedding will look like. She is my biggest hair/fashion/beauty/behavior/lifestyle inspiration. I love her so much and to celebrate I'm going to watch some The Hills episode. In honor of the engagement, here's a litte mix of some of my favourite LC's look.

Here was my reaction to LC's engagement:



WOW. Big news.

Texting/tweeting the news all over

And waiting patiently to see all her wedding plans.

Are you as excited as I am? She will be the most flawless bride EVER. 



Empties⎪Drugstore foundations

Revlon Colorstay ⎪ Maybelline Superstay 24H ⎪ Rimmel Wake Me Up ⎪ Bourjois Happy Light ⎪ Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector 

I have finished so many drugstores foundations lately that I had to write an 'empties' post and share my thoughts on them with you. I love to read that kind of post before treating myself with new foundations so let's do this! Reminder : I have a dry skin and some acne scars on my cheeks.

First of the bunch is the Revlon Colorstay, I got this because I was looking for a cheaper version of Estée Lauder Double Wear, a long-lasting covering foundation. I'd head sooo many good reviews on this that I knew I had to try it. At first I was really pleased with it. Covering and long-lasting as I was expecting. On the long term I got tired of the heaviness of the coverage and lack of dewiness (is that even a word?) so I just use it to mix other foundation. Will I rebuy this? Probably not. I much prefer my Estée Lauder Double Wear. 

When I bought the Maybelline SuperStay 24H  I was hoping the same kind of results : good coverage and long-lasting. It did and I much prefer this to the Revlon Colorstay just because I doesn't have a cakey feeling at the end of the day. Will I rebuy this? Yes as I always need a covering, long-lasting foundation in my stash for those horrible skin days.

Rimmel Wake Me Up! was my very first Rimmel purchase back in the days. I was really curious to see what was this brand all about. The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is said to give an instant radiant looking skin and all I have to say is that I really does. I love this foundation, it's perfect for when my dry skin gets all dull. It is a bit shimmery and gives the most amazing dewy finish. I will definitely rebuy this (but not right away because I want to try the YSL Youth Liberator foundation first)

Bourjois Happy Light is the latest addition to the Bourjois foundation range. I received this back in August and have been using it every.single.day to the extend that the bottle is already empty (I have never in my life finished a product so fast). I love everything about this foundation. The packaging, the finish, the texture, the application, the smell. It gives the most amazing dewy, glowy finish and my skin look radiant when I wear. Will I rebuy this? YES YES YES. Definitely a must have!

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector is (believe me or not) my first and only BB cream. I have jump into the BB cream bandwagon quite late because I had no idea where to start. I received this so that's why I started using it. At first I was quite skeptical because I'm not really into Garnier products and I feared that my skin would react. After the first application I was so amazed with the result on my skin. Although it being very VERY dewy and not very covering it gives the most radiant skin for those days when I just want to wear 'nothing' on my skin without it looking horrible. I will definitely be rebuying this!



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On my face today⎥ Rich beach

Foundation: L'Oréal Eau de Teint + Rimmel Wake Me Up ⎥ Highlighter: Benefit High Beam + Mary-lou Manizer ⎥ Mascara: Une 3 in 1 + Cover Girl Lash Blast 
 Eyebase: Essence I love stage ⎥ Eyeshadow: Benefit Rich Beach + The Balm I'm single if you're rich⎥ Blush: The Balm Frat Boy 
 Eyeliner: Bourjois Erasable eyeliner + Essence gel liner London Baby ⎥ Bronzing powder: Make Up For Ever Velvet Finish ⎥ Lipstick: Mac Myth

I'm running late to meeting a good friend of mine that I have seen in aaaaages so this post won't be long. Here's what I'm wearing on my face today. I have been trying the new L'Oréal Eau de Teint foundation and because it has a super matte finish I had to mix it up with my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up to get my glow on. In the mascara dept. I have been ob-sessed with my Une 3 in 1 paired with Cover Girl lash blast.

On my cheeks I'm wearing Frat Boy blush by The Balm (I have been wearing it everyday since I got it combined with a little bit of High Beam & Mary-lou Manizer. On the lips it's Mac Myth and on the eyes it's a mix of my base I love stage by Essence, Benefit Rich Beach and The Balm Overshadow 'if you're rich I'm single' (Do I have a pattern with any eyeshadow gold digger related or what?). As an eyeliner I have applied a HINT of my favourite Bourjois Erasable mixed with Essence gel liner in London Baby.

Ok so now I'm off you guys but until the next post, I hope you're all having a wonderful day 



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Playlist ⎪Grand Union


Wishlist #12

Bourjois Rice Java powder ⎪ The Balm Cabana Boy blush ⎪ Mac Rebel lipstick ⎪ E.l.f Stippling brush
YSL Youth Liberator foundation ⎪ Dior BB Cream ⎪ L'oréal Base Magique ⎪ NailsInc Baker Street

Since I have finished quite a few products this summer (a round of applause please) mainly foundations, primers and lipsticks I think I deserve to create a make up wish list with some of the things I might purchase in a near future. First of all, I need to restock on foundation as I have finished 5 this summer and I feel so empty now. I will be buying the Bourjois Happy Light foundation as I used it all summer long and absolutely loved it. I also have my eyes on the YSL Youth Liberator foundation and the Dior BB cream.

Next is the Bourjois Java Rice powder, I have heard soooo many amazing reviews about this that I just have to get it and see what the hype is all about. I also need to get my hands on the blush Cabana Boy from The Balm now that it's available in Belgium. Next thing is the Mac Rebel lipstick as I'm on the hunt for a very dark plum color for fall/winter, I think this may be the one. I also have had my eyes on the e.l.f stippling brush for so long but have been to lazy to order it so I might take the plunge and finally get this little baby.

The new L'oréal Base Magique is also on my wishlist knowing that I have a thing for any smoothing primer. And finally the oh-so famous Baker Sreet from NailsInc is the only nail polish I plan on getting so far.

What's on your beauty wish list?


Monday, October 7, 2013

New in ⎥Catrice lipsticks

Princess peach ⎥  Sweet Coraline ⎥ Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ It's a Matt World 

When I spotted the 2 for 5€ mention in Kruidvat the other days for the Catrice lipsticks, I just knew I had to complete my collection and get some new colours. I'm a huge fan of their lipsticks and never managed to get some of their other colours just because the shades were a little bit out of my comfort zone. I never wear/have worn orang-ey lipstick in my life, I just don't think it suits my skin tone and really not feel comfortable at the idea at wearing orange lips in a public place. Since the offer was so appealing I just picked up four new shades (and two oranges in the bunch)! I have to say, I'm really not into the Princess Peach as, as expected, it doesn't suit my skin tone AT ALL. The Sweet Coraline on the other hand has a lot of orange undertones but suits me much better but I'm not sure I will be wearing this a lot. It's still a little too much out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, I'm obsessed with Pinkadilly Circus, which such a gorgeous pink spring-y shade! It's super bright and shiny. And last but not least, my favourite of the bunch, the gorgeous It's a Matt World. Such a gorgeous bright matte red. 

Princess peach ⎥  Sweet Coraline ⎥ Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ It's a Matt World 

Which one is your favourite? Do you like orange lipstick? 



Friday, October 4, 2013

Playlist⎥ No light, no light

I'm a huge fan of Florence and The Machine. I have her last album and I love this song. I think it's the only real album I actually own (that is a real CD I mean) everything else is on my iTunes LOL. I wish I could go see her live!

Happy weekend!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Balm ⎥Rockstar palette

First row: Metal-ica⎥Iron Maid-in⎥Lead Zeppelin⎥Alice Copper  Second row: Adagio⎥Allegro⎥Moderato⎥Presto
 Third row: Blink 1982⎥The Stroke⎥R.e.m⎥Third Eye Blinded 

Highlighter and blush: Solid Gold⎥Don't You Want Me ? Lips/cheek stain: Milly⎥Vanilly

Ok so, I'm beyond excited to review and swatch this incredible little gem I was really happy to received.  Let me introduce you to The Balm Rockstar face palette also known as Balm Jovi (you got it? Balm Jovi...Bon Jovi...ah!) This palette is the ultimate all over palette needed for weekend with your girlfriends away or a sleepover at your boyf'. It contains 12 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 2 cheeks/lips stains. (I only discovered the lip stains later on!) 

The main theme here is, well anything rock related. All the eyeshadows are named after a band or anything to do with music. The highlighter reminds me A LOT of Mary-lou Manizer and the blush looks very similar to the Frat Boy blush too. So if you consider buying the Mary-lou manizer and this blush you might just as well get this palette with the whole nine yards. At the bottom of the palette, two cheek/lip stains are hiding (I honestly didn't discover them until I starting swatching the products!) These two really make this palette super complete. 

Just like all the other The Balm products, the pigmentation is super intense and the eyeshadows/blushes are REALLY powdery (I emphasize on the really). You sure do not need a lot of product to get a pigmented result. I find the eyeshadows a bit hard to apply sometimes but I guess it's a matter of habit. The packaging is over-the-top rockstar-y cute. I love love love the heart shape mirror. Although the palette has numerous of make up gems inside (16 in total) it is still reasonably small and easy to carry around everywhere you go. The only thing I really hate in this palette, is the Metal-ica which is a white shimmery eyeshadow. I mean who wears that?????? yikes. All the other colors are so exquisite and perfect for fall, I can't wait to show you some look with this palette. You can find the Rockstar Palette from The Balm at Di drugstore (belgium) for 39€. 

What do we think ladies? Will you be buying this little gem? 


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