Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Instalife #14

Needless to say that my Instalife has been boring and pretty quiet this past few weeks. I have been working a LOT for my student job and coming home at night quite late due to the long 1H30 journey home.

What's up? I have been really obsessed with pink nails, I will show you in my next haul video what pink nail polishes I got and haven't stop wearing since then! Also to stay very matchy-matchy I have been obsessed with pink lips. Nothing more girly, how come I was only wearing nude lipsticks before? Also I have been trying to stop over thinking everything, let go of the heavy stuffs, stop sweating the small stuffs and just live more in the moment. Appreciate what I have and make the most it every single day. There is nothing like a positive mind to get you far in life.

I have also bought some new make-up products as well, one of them being the Bourjois Blush Exclusif wich I'm obsessed with! And finally there's nothing quite like wearing high heels and sharing great food with your loved ones to make you feel happy, right? By the way, can you believe it's already the end of August? I sure can't! This summer went by SO fast I'm really shocked we're in September next week (but very excited as well, don't get me wrong I'm a sucker for fall, bring on the boots and mid-season colours!!) You can follow me on Instagram here :)



Sunday, August 25, 2013

You just wait

 Sinful Color - You just wait (*) available at DI drugstore

Although this blog is named My Precious Nail Polish with the years I have been more and more into writing about everything beauty related and not only nail polishes. I started this blog almost 4 years ago now and times have changed. Back then, I was a nail polish obsessed (really obsessed) I needed to have all the colors, all the new collections. I was only writing about nails! With time, I have find new love interest in other things like lipstick and blushes. Don't get me wrong, I still love my nail polishes but I'm not that obsessed. I just get really bored, really easily with nail polishes nowadays. I feel like I've seen it all, I've had it all. My tastes have also changed, I'm so over all my 'funky unwearable' colors, I guess it's part of growing up! My point is that it's really hard for me to be super excited about a new nail polish (except if it's a neon, I'll always be excited about a good ol' neon) but I'm quickly going 'that's pretty but...déjà vu!' One of the colour that really got my attention lately is that nail polish from Sinfuls colors. "You just wait" is a sheer pearly pink colour that looks so girly in my opinion. Jeez, look at those shimmers! Worn by itself it's too sheer but on top of Essie - Fiji (or any other colors for that matter) the colour comes alive! I reckon it's more a shimmery top coat than a nail polish. I find it so pretty and I don't have anything or haven't seen anything like it before. I'm impressed!



Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday wish list ⎥part 1

Birthday wish list

1. Mac Girl About Town // 2. Phillip Lim 3.1 bag (here) // 3. Chanel Rose Exubérant // 4. Zara boots (here)
 5. Massimo Dutti gold watch (here) // Black converse (here)

Yes, yesssss my birthday is coming up next month. That's it... it's finally my turn to turn 25. 1/4 of a century, I feel like a dinosaur just by saying that but I'll survive. Twenty five is a rather 'important' birthday. You think, okay what have I accomplish so far? Am I on the right path to where I want to be? Where do I want to be exactly? What do I see myself doing for the next five years before turning the big 3.0? So many questions, so little answers for now! So instead I think I'll start by eating cake, wearing a lovely dress, have a nice glass of champagne and getting presents! My birthday wish list is not really super exciting. Although I know I won't receive all of them I just might buy them for myself anyway so that's fine. The thing I know I won't get is the Phillip Lim 3.1 bag = my dream bag (after the Chanel Jumbo 2.1 of course!). I will definitely buy it for myself before turning 26 as I just know this is the black bag I NEED. It's pricey but worth it in my opinion as I know it will lasts forever and will look so good on my arm! 

Realistically, the Mac Girl About Town and Chanel Rose Exuberant are two products I really want to get knowing that I'm having a big obsession with anything pink at the moment, I know these two will fulfill my pink desire. Those Zara boots will definitely be in my wardrobe for this winter, they're so rock/glam and look so comfy too. I really want some black converse to look rock/comfy this fall (can't believe I don't have a pair of these already). And finally the Massimo Dutti gold watch has been on my imaginary wish list for a while. I really want a gold watch but I'm so over the Michael Kors trend, I want a different brand with the same gold, chunky look. 



Playlist ⎪Buy the stars

I've had this song on repeat all week long! It's my soothing moment before hectic workloads.
The lyrics are so beautiful and I love Marina and the Diamonds. Her looks, her voice, her music... everything about her is my cup of tea.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Favourite nude nail polishes ♥

China Glaze Something Sweet ⎪Bourjois ⎪ Essie  Fiji ⎪ Chanel Magnolia Rose ⎪ OPI Panda-monium pink

There is nothing like a neutral nail polish when you have no idea what to wear or you outfit is already very colourful. Nudes are my go-to choice especially for a day at work I feel like a chip is less obvious than with a darker/brighter colour so I don't have to be self-conscious all day about my nail polish (gripping life eh). I used to think nude nail polishes were so boring and very 'grown up' but now they're very much up my alley (maybe because I grew up too?). That remind me I'l be freaking 25 in about a MONTH. Sweet lord. I have a deep anxiety about it, don't really know why but I still feel 20 at heart. I don't know where time went. I'm secretly plotting on all the gifts I want for this very special birthday. I want it to be low key but I want to receive some extravagant gifts. 

Let's go back to the nude nail polishes (it's so easy to get scattered when I talk about gifts ya know). My 'top give' is the perfect mix between lavender-nude, pink-nude, white-nude, softer-pink nude. That's what's really great about wearing nude is that it doesn't have to be that sheer boring color you use for french manicure. NO. Go opaque (or go home right?) when it comes to nude is the only way for me although I still get some 'tipex' remarks about white-nude nails from time to time. It's trendy, ok get over it :-)

What are you favourite nude nail polishes?


Friday, August 16, 2013

What I wore #24 ⎥Grey is the new black

Hi lovelies! This feels more like a fall inspired outfit. The weather hasn't been as great as it was last month so I'm already into the fall fashion mode. All I want is to wear grey and buy boots and scarves (well until we go back to 30 degrees, hopefully!) I wore my new gorgeous sweater from HM. Can't believe it was only 19,95€ considering the nice material it has. The cut is perfect and the sleeves are a bit slouchy which makes it so casual yet not too comfy. Perfect for an evening out to the movies! I'm also in love with my Zalando shoes from the range Zalando Collection, the range has some really beautiful items . They're super comfy and they're also down to 49,95€ which is such a bargain for leather, comfy, gorgeous shoes isn't it :) ?

Shoes : Zalando Collection (here) ⎥ Sweater : HM ⎥ Necklace : Zara
Skirt : HM ⎥ Bag : Saxo


Thursday, August 15, 2013

#Vlog 1 : Mini virée à Liège

The day in Liège was really fun. It was great to catch up with my 'old' friend Sarah. We finished high school together about 5 years ago, can't believe we now both graduated in PR. She's in the main reason why I became so obsessed with make-up and girly things. That girl is the girliest person I've ever met and that's why we get along great. We had a great night thanks to Magnum. We were invited for diner, it was very good then we got the opportunity to taste the new Magnum Kisses ice creams. I chose the flavour 'meringue with red fruits', it was really delicious. My friend went with 'Crème brulée' and she liked it too! The new limited edition Magnum Kisses are limited edition and are inspired by the french patisserie. Make sure you taste them if you can! After diner, we got the see Moulin Rouge and it's one of my favourite movie, I know every song by heart so I was pleased to watch it all over again. Overall we had a great day, a bit of shopping, great food and a lot of laughs. I also recorded my very first vlog. I absolutely hate listen to my voice it makes me cringe it was fun to record it although people were looking at me funny talking to my camera :-) 



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A little bit of Chanel, a little bit of LC

Today I'm off to Liege with a friend of mine. We're going to Primark (as per se) then we're off to watching Moulin Rouge and have a bite afterwards. I'll try to fillm a part of it and make my very first vlog on Youtube with it. Until then, here's a few things that are dear to my heart. How sad am I that I actually have spend a lot (well much more that the US price) to get my hands on two of LC cosmo's cover. Have a great day :-) 



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playlist ⎪Not giving in

When I love a song, I'm able to listen to it for dayyyys, on repeat. It's like food for my soul, It makes me in a good mood instanstly. I quite like being in my little bubble especially when I have a long day of work ahead of me, talking to customers all day. I need that 'bubble' time.  This is the song I have been obsessed with lately. It's just amazing.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bourjois⎥ Blush Exclusif

Bourjois Blush Exclusif (10,99€)

Working close by drugstores is always a huge temptation. I was browsing make-up a few days ago before work and I spotted the new Bourjois Exclusif blush. I just couldn't resist. The colour is a gorgeous light pink with a cream texture and satin finish. It's the kind of product that you applied and the colour changes depending on your skin tone. On my skin tone it stays pretty much the same and I absolutely love the result. I can feel this is going to be my new favourite blusher. I wore it today all day long and it stayed in place, I'm impressed! I love that the finish isn't too glowy as the colour is already pretty bright the dewy finish would have been a bit too much! I'm curious to see if the colour really changes depending on the skin tone. I wonder if it's still gonna look that 'light' on a much darker skin tone or if it's going to transform into a more fuchsia tint. It's still a gorgeous shade anyway, on me at least :)

Vu que je travaille pas loin des drugstore Di ou Kruidvat, c'est la tentation ultime à chaque pauses ou en début de journée lorsque j'arrive plus tôt que prévu. Une petite virée innocente se termine souvent en achats impulsifs. Mon dernier achat  c'est ce Blush Exclusif, encore une nouveauté Bourjois. J'ai tout simplement craqué quand je l'ai vu. La couleur parfaite, un rose clair assez voyant avec une texture crème et un fini satiné. Le blush de mes rêves quoi. Je suis fan du rose sur les joues, j'adore le côté girly et frais que cela donne. Le Blush Exclusif est un blush dont la couleur varie selon la teinte de votre peau. Alors perso, sur la mienne le résultat n'a pas hyper fort changé, la couleur reste assez similaire. Je pensais qu'elle allait peut-être devenir plus rose 'fuchsia', mais non. J'aime beaucoup le résultat c'est vraiment idéal pou tous les jours. La tenue est vraiment bonne, je l'ai porté toute la journée et il n'a pas bougé d'un poil. Il est assez facile d'application, j'avais peur qu'il laisse des marques (ce qui arrive souvent avec les blush crèmes) mais non. Cela doit être grâce à sa texture non-collante! Je suis curieuse de voir s'il donnera tout aussi clair sur une personne avec une peau plus matte ou s'il se transformera en blush plus 'fuchsia'. 

What do we think ladies?


Saturday, August 10, 2013

In with the new ⎥Pink lipsticks

Catrice Ultimate Colour 140 Pinker-Bell ⎥  Catrice Ultimate Colour 270 Matt-erial Girl  ⎥  
Catrice 040 Ultimate Shine Don't fear the shear   Catrice Ultimate Shine 070 License to pink  ⎥ Maybelline  904 Vivid Rose 

The swatches are in the same order as the lipsticks :)

Can you tell I'm having a massive pink lipstick obsession at the moment? I'm sure you CAN. I have found the most amazing pink lipsticks thanks to Catrice & Maybelline. Catrice has released soo many new products and lipstick colors, it's so cool! Make sure you go and check them out if you can because they're so unexpensive and the pigmentation/quality is one of the best! The Maybelline Vivid Rose is incredible and has such an original smell too. I can't wait to wear them ALL. The Catrice 140 and the Maybelline Vivid Rose are kind of dupes, so if you already have one of them you might not need the other one but the Catrice 270 is an absolute beaut, it's more of a 'darker' pink and will be perfect for an evening out or just for fall. The Catrice Ultimate Shine range is new (well I think at least) and the finish is super shiny and more sheer so it's perfect for a day out even though you can have that pink lip without looking too overdone. They kinda do look the same when swatched on the picture but they're NOT in real life, I can assure you.


Bon, au cas ou vous ne l'auriez pas remarqué j'ai une nouvelle obsession pour les lipsticks rose. Rose bonbons, rose pétant, rose plus soft...c'est mon nouveau dada! Je trouve cela tellement girly et parfait pour moi car je porte toujours des couleurs assez sombres (gris, noir, blanc sont mes trois couleurs primaires niveau garde de robes) Quand je pense que je n'avais que QUELQUES lipsticks roses mais pas des aussi pétants ou aussi beaux. J'ai fait une mini razzia chez Kruidvat au rayon Catrice (c'est toujours un peu ridicule d'utiliser le terme razzia vu les prix dérisoires, au total le prix n'était même pas celui d'un lipstick Mac LOL) Il y a pleins de nouvelles choses et surtout pleins  de nouvelles couleurs au rayon lipstick. La gamme Ultimate Shine est nouvelle (enfin il me semble ou alors je suis trop bigleuse) et les couleurs sont TROP sublimes (le packaging métallisé, pourquoi pas?). Le fini est frais et léger et donc parfait pour une journée plus 'soft' niveau make-up tout en restant girly! La gamme Ultimate Colour est toujours aussi bien of course. Les deux teintes que j'ai pris, 270 et 140 sont aussi nouvelles (en tout cas pour moi!) et elles sont ma-gni-fiques. La teinte 140 est un dupe quasi exact que le Maybelline Vivid Rose que j'ai également pris (on ne sait jamais!). Les couleurs se ressemblent très fort sur la photo mais diffèrent beaucoup plus en réalité :)

What do we think ladies?


Friday, August 9, 2013

The Hills alternate ending

The alternate end of The Hills ( my favourite show in the whole world) has finally been released.
I was sooo excited to catch a glimpse of Lauren Conrad, and how pretty does she look?
I though the first ending was quite well done too but hey, where's LC's at my heart is at!!!
The finale "unwritten" song is getting me chills everytime! Which one do you prefer? 

The rest is still unwritttttennnnnnnnn (listen to it here)



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Instalife #13

It's instalife time! I think I have become a huge Instagram addict over the past few months. I hasn't even been a year since I started Instagramin' and oh boy...I can't see my daily life without it now. A few days ago my phone battery died in the middle of the day (I so wasn't prepared!) and I just could feel the hurry I had to go home just to recharged it and have it with me everywhere I go. (The sad life I lead, right). I don't have any exciting thing to share with you, no I didn't get engaged though. This massive diamond ring is from Mauboussin corner at Inno Rue Neuve in Belgium. I'm working just next to it so I couldn't resist and ask to try one. Sparkly!!! I'm also prepping myself for my next fall purchases. I already have so many ideas and clothes I want to get. I'm not over summer yet but I always get super excited about wearing fall clothes. (I know I will regret saying this in 6 months)

Follow me on Instagram @mypreciousnp

I hope you're all having a lovely week :)


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CONCOURS : Love at the Movies Liège avec Magnum

Ouiiiii. J'ai une super nouvelle pour mes lectrices résidant en Belgique. Magnum organise Love at Movies pour célébrer la sortie de la nouvelle gamme de glaces (MIAM) "5 Kisses". Les saveurs vont en faire baver plus d'unes : crème brulée, tarte aux pommes, meringue, fruits rouges,...)  Love at the Movies c'est un peu le même principe que Ladies at the Movies mais cette fois pour les gens qui s'aiment. BFF, amoureux, frère ou soeur, mère et filles... Cela se déroule tous les 14 du mois (la date de l'amour of course!)

Tu veux gagner deux tickets pour le film Moulin Rouge suivi d'un dîner étoilé pop-up au Kinépolis de Liège? Tu peux tenter ta chance sur le site Magnum OU BIEN tu peux gagner ta place pour deux personnes sur mon blog!

A gagner :

- 1 place pour le film Moulin Rouge + le dîner étoilé au Kinépolis de Liège
- 10 tickets pour deux pour le film Moulin Rouge

Date de l'événement : Mercredi 14 août à 18h au Kinépolis de Liège (j'y serais aussi!)
Pour gagner : Laissez-moi un commentaire ci-dessous avec votre adresse mail si possible :-)

Fin du concours le 12 aôut à minuit heure du crime (heure belge!)

Bonne chance !!!!

XO, Marilou


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pink & pearls

I can't believe July is already over. Can you? It's been already a month since I graduated and since I started to work at my last ever student job. It has been pretty exhausting but hopefully I've had some day off where I basically just pamper myself, watch TV show or one of my favourite movie and take pictures for my blog. I have been obsessed with my Zara pearl necklace, I think it's the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen haha. It's so chic and fancy. I also have been obsessed with pink make-up. Pink nails, pink lips. They just give that extra pop of colour needed and they make me feel even more girly!

Nail polish : China Glaze Heli-Yum ⎥ Lipsticks : Catrice Pink Me Up! and Rimmel Apocalips


Monday, August 5, 2013

Elegant Touch False Nails

Elegant Touch Fake Nails Di Drugstore (9,99€) * 

I'm usually not a huge fan of french manicure. They have too much of a 2002 vibe in my opinion. When I was 14 I was dying to get a french manicure and look like a little 'woman'. With the years I  realised that I much prefered the colored nail look, which is much more 'young' looking and fun. I love to change my nail color every once in a while, being stuck with one nail polish for the rest of my life is my worst nightmare. I've recently received a few french manicure falsies from Elegant Touch and I really wanted to try them to overcome my fear of 'tacky' looking french mani. First of all, the application was easy peasy. You have a little glue inside the box and you just need to glue the false nail to the nail, just like any other falsies! If there is one thing that I love about wearing false nails is that they always make my fingers look less chubby, obvi! The look french, au naturel, is quite decent. I wouldn't wear it on a daily basis but for a work look it might be perfect. Just to have a bit of fun with my new nails, I added my favourite nail polish at the moment. That makes those fake nails so versatile. You can wear the 'secretary' look one day then go wild the day after and apply a crazy nail colour on top. I personally love it! They last quite long as well, I kept them for a good week on with no fake nails missing (that's a major don't in my beauty police book!)


Bon je dois vous avouer ne pas être une super grande fan des french manucures. Cela me fait sans doute trop penser aux années 2000 ; j'avais 14 ans et je rêvais de porter une french pour faire 'plus femme' (ha ha). A l'époque la french c'était un peu le nail art d'aujourd'hui. LA CLASSE. Depuis les années ont passées et j'avoue avoir délaissé la french pour les ongles courts de toutes les couleurs. J'ai reçu dernièrement un tas de faux ongles french manucures Elegant Touch. De premier abord, j'étais pas super emballée puis je me suis lancée le challenge de les porter et de voir si c'était si 2002. Tout d'abord, l'application était hyyyper facile. Par contre il faut BIEN appuyé quand on colle l'ongle pour éviter les bulles d'air (comme sur la photo!) Une glue et dix faux ongles plus tard, j'étais french parée. Le résultat n'est pas si terrible que ça je trouve. C'est un look très soft qui fait de joli doigts en tout cas et ce n'est pas aussi 'has been' que ce que je pensais. C'est juste un style très différent du mien. Ce qui me plaît avec les faux ongles french c'est que on peut se la jouer french manucure le jour, et hyper coloré la nuit. Trois couches de vernis et hopla, le look change totalement. La tenue est top, une semaine sans une seule casse. Maintenant cela reste toujours un peu galère pour les enlever mais on s'y fait. 

What do we think ladies? French mani? DO OR DON'T? 


New goodies from Bourjois ♥

 Bourjois Erasable Liner (13,95€) * ⎥ Bourjois Happy Light Serum Base (13,95€) *⎥ Bourjois Happy Light foundation (14,95€) *  ⎥  Trio Smokey Eyes n17 Life is Pink (14,95€) *

I have a received a lovely surprise package this week with some new goodies from Bourjois. You may have noticed that to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Bourjois has released a tremendous amount of new, lovely products. These are due to be released in August (well, this month!) in Di, Kruidvat etc.  I'm so excited to try them all although I have been already obsessed with the Happy Light foundation & Serum. Don't forget to enter my Instagram giveaway to win a Happy Light Foundation in shade 55 here ! I think I'll do a video to try the erasable liner with you guys. Let me know what you think :)

J'ai reçu un joli colis surprise Bourjois cette semaine contenant une partie des nouveautés qui sortent ce mois-ci dans les magasins DI, Kruidvat, en parfumerie etc. Toujours pour célébrer leurs 150 ans, Bourjois fait fort avec une tripotée de nouveaux produits toujours aussi girly et attrayants! J'étais super contente de recevoir le fond de teint et le sérum Happy Light. Je suis fan des fond de teints Bourjois à la base mais alors un fond de teint lumineux et au fini léger = yes please. J'ai hâte de bien pouvoir tout tester et je vous tiens au courant prochainement! Le Liner Effaçable est vraiment une nouveauté pour moi, je pense peut-être en faire une vidéo avec un test en direct! 



Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cottage ⎥Sucre de Violette

Cottage Sucre de Violette Gommage douceur (dispo au Traffic pour la Belgique)

I have a sweet tooth. No, I have a really, really sweet tooth. I have a really big obsession with sugar (and I firmly believe it's a drug when I see the happy, calming effect it has on me and my mood) so when I saw that Cottage had a violet exfoliating scrub I just couldn't resist. The smell is just like the one of the violet candies. It is to die for. I have that sweet violet smell on me right after, it scrubs my skin delicately yet effectly. It really is a divine product that really was missing on the market!

J'ai vraiment une obsession avec le sucre. J'en raffole et je sens bien l'effet apaisant et euphorique  qu'il a sur mon humeur (bon c'est une vraie drogue quoi) alors quand j'ai vu que Cottage avait sorti un gommage AU SUCRE DE VIOLETTE, omagad. J'ai sauté dessus d'autant plus que c'était le dernier (ha haaaa je vois que je ne suis pas la seule droguée du coin). L'odeur est exactement la même que celle des bonbons à la violette (mmmmmmh) et il gomme tout en douceur. C'est un pur moment de plaisir, surtout que l'odeur de violette reste délicatement sur la peau par après. Merci Cottage MERCI!!!


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