Monday, January 21, 2013

My week on Instagram #8

My life this week 

♥I have finished my two long ass weeks of exams and I am SO HAPPY with it. It was so hard to keep up and study every day, I had so much stress and so little sleep I need a serious pampering session to recover from those two weeks.
♥It has been snowing like mad and the snow ain't going nowhere apparently! 
♥I have found the perfect make up storage and I'll post about it soon
♥Madame Princesse 
♥I went to the french border with my boyfriend to do some french shopping (back 2 mac and french skincare but also some basics like zara etc.) and we ate at Pizza Pai which is the equivalent of the belgian Pizza Hut basically. Delish!
♥French skincare heaveeeeeen! I love that in France every skin care product is WAY much cheaper than in Belgium so I love to go there and stock up on my favourite things :)
♥One of the new product I have bought is the Bioderma Sébium washing gel, I can't wait to try it!
♥New YSL Rouge Volupté lippie :) Gorgeousness alert
♥I am obsessing with the song "Gone with the wind fabulous" from Kenya Moore #RHOA
This is my favourite tv show and this has also been my motivational song for my exams. Twirl twirl twirl twirl. I know it's silly but it's damn catchy! 



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wish list #7

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING. I'm already doing some massive clothes wish list.
Sandals, shorts, pastel colours, floral pattern and so on!

Here's one of my wishlist : 

♥H&M Floral pants
♥ Levi's vintage shorts
♥ Mulberry cookie wallet
♥ Topshop midi dress
♥NewLook Peplum top 
♥ Zara black sandals (I want the one in black, without silver strap!)




Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your daily dose of Lauren Conrad #1

My obsession is not going away!

Hair perfection. PER-FEC-TION.

Leopard shirt and high bun. She is looking super cute and casual.

I love the glasses here.

Funky dress! 

She is such a babe and always classy, that is why I love her so much. 

She is shopping at Zara! I knew it! I would die to know what did she buy so I could go copy cat all the way and buy the same for me.

Shop til' you drop! You go giiirl




Friday, January 11, 2013

My life on Instagram #7

My life via instagram this week : 

♥ Me with a stache. I look like Hercule Poirot big time. 
♥  I won "La galette des rois" QUEEN MARILOU!
♥  Remembering some good times with old friends :-)
♥  My "I love nail polish" babies have finally arrived. Can't wait to review them and show them to you guys!! Thank you Barbra for this little treat! 
♥  New year resolutions.
♥ H&M sandals. WANT, NEED. I hope I'll find them in stores.
♥ I have been indulging myself with my massive exam session....
♥ ....then feeling bad about it and eating yogurt and muesli. Then indulging again.
♥  My new zara bag!



Thursday, January 3, 2013

My life on Instagram #6

Happy new year 2013 :) 

I feel terrible because I don't have any cool NewYear's outfit to share with you as I pretty much stayed in pj's all night, eating comfort food with the boyf and watching disney movies. (Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3 to be precise) I have to study for my exam session next week so I really wanted to do something super cosy with not too much alcohol involved. I had a great night making sushi and drinking pink champagne :) 

Je me sens nulle je n'ai même pas de super outfit of the day spécial réveillon du Nouvel An à vous proposer. Et oui, période d'examen oblige, je suis restée en pij' toute la soirée à préparer des sushis et regarder des films Disney avec mon boyf (Alice aux pays des merveilles et Toy Story 3 pour être précis) Rien de tel qu'un réveillon cosy avec de bonnes choses à manger pour bien commencer l'année! Mes examens commencent la semaine prochaine et je me voyais mal en plein blocus avec un super mal de tête de gueule de bois + fatigue de la soirée de la veille. NON merci. 

♥ I had some super delicious chocolate cake to end 2012. Best way to end this year by far.
♥ SuperBoyf got me a lovely perfume as a little end of the year prezzie. Givenchy Hot Couture! I love IT!
♥ Christmas tree at my boyf's
♥ While studying, I treat myself during breaks with some Real Housewives of Miami REUNION. This season has been sooo dramatic and I can't wait for a third season.
♥Making some sushis! I had so much fun doing them and it wasn't THAT hard. I did some online research for the perfect recipe. 
♥ Foie Gras. I know this is terrible for the goose but damn it's good! 
♥ Hi !!!!!
♥ Homemade chinese noodle soup. Nom nom.
♥ My new tv show ADDICTION. Shahs of Sunset. I have a massive friend crush on Reza with the big 'stache. He is like my new imaginary best friend. 

I wish you all the best for this new year to come 



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