2013 through my phone

This year I have been...
Walking on snow
Enjoying my second V-day with the boyf'
Meeting some super cool belgian bloggers (Valentine & Mary)
Updated my blog design (thank you Coco♥)
Loving floral pants & eating like I'm pregnant (although I'm really not)
Shopping and taking selfies
Doing my PR internship at Make Up For Ever Belgium ♡
Graduating in PR ✌
Discovering the South of Portugal
Painting my nails, drinking iced tea and eating ice cream
Working my ass off all summer long for my last ever student job 
and enjoying the wonderful summer we've had in Belgium
celebrating my 25th birthday. Still can't really believe I've turned 25. (1/4 of a century JUST SAYIN)
Rediscovering the joy of fall with the crips of leaves and homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows
Studying for my driving license....at last! Fingers crossed I'll be driving next year.
Celebrating two years with my boyfriend and taking cheesy 'his and hers' Starbucks pictures
Attending some very cool blogger events and finally met the lovely Lindsay from Starinthegrass

And eventually, this year I have moved to a new place and cut my hair.

Looking back on this year, it was such a great year full of accomplishments, blessings, love and fun.
I'm so grateful for getting graduated from college and getting closer than ever with my little sister.
 I can't barely believe it's already over...I'm so ready for 2014 though as I have many other things I would love to accomplish.

I wish to all of you a blissful 2014 year to come!!!!  


New from Bourjois

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I just received these new goodies from Bourjois today and I'm sooo excited to try them especially the CC cream and the Dark Khôl mascara! I'm sorry for the blurry pic it was taken from my phone as I'm in a hurry to get ready for tonight (yes it takes time to be me haha)
I can't wait to create look with these new gem! 

Have a safe evening with lots a bubbly champagne! 


NYX⎥ Setting spray


I love setting sprays. I always secretly hope that they will give me that long lasting finish that I'm looking for. My skin is like a sponge, it soaks the makeup in no time. By the middle of the day, I always look so fade (all my blush is gone pretty much). So I always use a setting spray, hoping that it will retard the fading process. One of my favourite setting spray is the Make Up For Ever one. I rave about it, it's so much better than the MAC one but it's a bit pricey (around 24 euros if I remember well). So when I saw this NYX setting spray while I was on a shopping spree in France I just couldn't resist. It was around 7 euros (super cheap!) and it claims setting makeup AND giving a dewy finish = match made in heaven. After using it for about a good month now, what I can tell you about this setting spray is that it definitely helps in the lasting department but it gives no dewy finish whatsoever. The Make Uf For Ever one does more in the glowy department! It's a good setting spray but it didn't blow my socks off to be honest. I really want to try the Skindinavia one next. Have you ever tried it before?


Bourjois⎪ Color Edition 24h

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'Prune nocturne' / 'Pétale de Glace' / 'Khaki Chéri' (11,99€) *
' 'Khaki Chéri'  / 'Pétale de Glace' /'Prune nocturne(11,99€) *

You have probably been living under a rock if you didn't know that Bourjois has released these cream eyeshadows. They're pretty much everywhere! I got these a month ago almost and I had plenty of time to play with them. To apply them I use my finger and dot the product all over my lid then I used a blending brush to create a flawless finish. I have been wearing the lightest shade Petale de Glace pretty much every day as it is such a beautiful shimmery day time color. The shade Prune Nocturne is on the list for my Christmas makeup as it is to most gorgeous burgundy/purple shade. It really goes well with my eye color! (See below the picture!) I find them long lasting, a bit 'hard to apply' in a way as you need to use your finger to apply it but oh...it's so worth it as the pay off is incredible!


What I wore #31 / All black


Hi girlies! Today I spent the day in Gand, shopping and eating hamburgers! It was quite cold but I had fun so it was worth it. I wore a pretty plain boring outfit, black from head to toe with pretty much everything item from Zara (coat/shoes/jeans/bag) except the scarf from Asos! 
I felt brave today and I went for bright red lips too! Yay.


Time to get your festive nails on!

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Elegant touch available at DI drugstore (10.45€) *

Yes! The time has come ladies. Christmas is just around the corner so it's about time that you turn your Christmas spirit ON! What a better way to do it that to wear over the top glittery false nails? Ok maybe wearing a Christmas sweater is a great idea too! But... I mean, how audacious it is to create glittery false nails? These Elegant Touch are simply brilliant. You might be aware of the dreadful experience that is to remove glittery nail polish so I was really excited to try these little beauties on. It contains sticky patch to stick the false nail to the actual nail. It's perfect for a night out as it is not 'too' long lasting (like the one with the glue) and the final look is gorgeous! My favourite are the blue/purple one on the right. Which one is yours? 

L'heure est enfin arrivée oouiiii! Noël n'est vraiment plus loin maintenant donc il est temps de se mettre dans l'ambiance festive. Si vous n'avez pas votre pull de Noël super kitsch ne vous inquiétez pas, il vous reste la possibilité de mettre des faux ongles pailletés. Quoi de plus festif??? J'étais super excitée d'essayer ces nouveaux faux ongles pailletés Elegant Touch car, vous le savez sûrement, le vernis pailleté c'est beau mais c'est juste HORRIBLE à enlever (Bon ok, y a des trucs mais personnellement ça me gonfle donc je n'en porte quasi plus ou alors juste sur deux ongles) Ces faux ongles sont non seulement super beaux mais également super pratiques. Car NON, il ne s'agit pas de faux ongles qui s'applique avec la colle (qui vous détruit l'ongle) mais bien avec des petits patch collants transparents. Ne vous attendez pas à une tenue de plusieurs jours (non non) mais ils sont réutilisables à volontés! Quel est votre préféré des deux ? J'adore celui de droite! 


Blogger Event ⎥ P&G Beauty

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Last night we were invited to discover some new products at P&G Belgium. It was a night full of discovery, food and fun! The theme was 'Embrace your femininity'. I couldn't agree with that little quote more. I love being a girl, using makeup, wearing heels and skirt, having long hair and wearing nail polish!

 It was really nice meeting some other belgian bloggers. We were presented new products from Always, MaxFactor, Oral B, Head and Shoulders and also Olaz. I can't wait to review them in a next post. There was also some really cool makeovers available so obviously I had to curl my hair (last picture with Lindsay) then I tried the new Lipfinity in shade 'Always Delicate' by MaxFactor which is the coolest lip stain product because it is long lasting and has a velvety finish! There was also tons of delicious food (which I always appreciate of course) and a photo booth! How fun?
Thank you to the P&G beauty team for this fun night and girls, never forget to embrace your femininity!

Hello les filles. Hier j'étais invitée à l'event organisé par P&G beauty pour découvrir des nouveautés. La soirée était placée sous le thème de la féminité 'Embrace your femininity'. Je me suis vraiment reconnue dans ce thème car j'adore être une fille. J'aime mettre des talons, être coquette, mettre du vernis, faire mes cheveux, me maquiller (mon moment préféré de la journée) etc.

C'était super sympa de rencontrer d'autres blogueuses belges tout en pouvant découvrir des nouveautés Always, Oral B, Head and Shoulders, Olaz et MaxFactor. J'ai hâte de vous en parler plus longuement dans un prochain article! Après nous avons pu savourer un délicieux buffet et profiter d'une séance de makeover avec les experts P&G. Je suis sortie de là avec de superbes boucles dans les cheveux et un nouveau lipgloss de Maxfactor 'Lipfinity' en teinte Always Delicate sur les lèvres! Longue tenue et fini velouté assuré = j'adore! Vivement qu'ils sortent! Nous avons aussi pu prendre un tas de photo dans un mini photomaton installé pour l'occasion. C'était vraiment super chouette, merci à l'équipe P&G pour cette belle soirée!


Your daily dose of Lauren Conrad #4

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HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! It's time for your daily dose of LC. I love following her steps although she is not on TV anymore. I always want to know what is she wearing, what colour her hair is - I hope that ain't borderline stalking  haha. As you know I'm a huge fan of her and I can't wait for her WEDDING next year ohmygod!!!! 

Today is moving day! All my stuff are packed and I'm leaving home for an apartment. Really exciting! I won't have Internet for a few days (kill me now) so I hope I'll be able to blog very soon :)


Physician Formula ⎪ Happy Booster blusher


I just couldn't resist getting this blush when I saw all the cute little pink hearts all over it. I already have a bronzer/ all over powder from Physician Formula and I thought it wasn't too pigmented and gave that perfect amount of highlight to the face. I was really excited to try their blush and little did I know I was about to be disappointed. The packaging is really cute, the various shades of pink and coral look very interesting... but oh boy, where is the pigmentation at? It is, by far one of the less pigmented blush I have ever tried. It's such a shame as the color itself is gorgeous, a little bit on the shimmery side but not too much, but you can't even tell once applied as it is too sheer. I'm really disappointed as I had high hopes for this little bad boy. The only way I have found to make it pop a little bit more is to apply it on top of a cream blusher (but it's still not super flamboyant).

J'ai pas pu résister quand j'ai vu cette flopée de petits coeurs sur le blush Physician Formula. J'avais déjà testé la poudre pour le visage illuminatrice/bronzante (avec le petit coeur rose) et j'étais assez contente car elle est plutôt légère et donne vraiment une touche lumière donc je me suis octroyée un petit plaisir lors de ma commande iHerb et j'ai un des deux blush! J'étais vraiment excitée de le recevoir, ça doit être le côté inaccessible de la marque qui m'a rendue très impatiente! Le packaging est mignon, un peu gadget certes, mais ça ne me dérange pas plus que ça, les différentes teintes de petits coeurs sont superbes...et pourtant...grosse déception. Le rendu est quasi imperceptible tellement le blush est léger. Quand je le swatch sur mon doigt ça en jette un max mais une fois appliqué...*gros silence*. C'est vraiment dommage car la couleur est sublime mais le rendu est beaucoup trop léger à mon goût. La seule astuce que j'ai trouvé pour le rendre plus visible c'est de l'appliquer par dessus un blush crème (et encore...). 

Have you ever tried the range Physician Formula?


Wordless bling

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No need to say much, just admire the beauty of this little gem, haha!


Hair inspiration ⎥ middle part bangs


Hi girls! I'm thinking about spicing things up a little bit with my hair and doing middle part bangs like Jessica Alba or Sienna Miller! I think it's such a fun yet still very girly and feminine look. I love it specially on Kirsten Dunst. My hair are sacred, I have this fear about changing my hair style as I have had some horrible experiences at different hair salons before where I ended up leaving and crying because it was SO not what I had asked for, haha. I already feel so stressed when I'm just getting 5 cm cut! (I know, I'm a little bit of a drama queen inside)

What do you think? Yes or never in a million year?


Le Petit Marseillais⎥Body butter

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This, ladies, is my savior for winter days. My skin is getting so dry -isn't that the most uncomfortable feeling ever? - and I have been experiencing dry skin for as long as I can remember. I need a thick, moisturizing body butter that make that moisture last all day long without being too greasy as I hate waiting 3 hours for it to penetrate into my skin. Le Petit Marseillais body butter with bee wax and shea butter is the best out there in my opinion. I have tried the body shop ones, they're great but I just can't get myself to pay 17 euros for a body butter every month (I need to use it every day) so this one if such a great deal for its value. It's around 6 euros, smells really nice (the smell isn't too overpowering) and instantly yet long lastingly moisturize my skin! It's my favourite body butter out there and it will be very handy if you, like me, have really dry skin during winter time (or all year round).


La peau sèche qui tiraille ou LA sensation la plus inconfortable du monde on est bien d'accord? J'ai toujours eu la peau sèche, aussi bien en été qu'en hiver donc je peux vous dire que des produits hydratants, crèmes pour le corps...ça me connait! Ce que je cherche dans une crème pour le corps : qu'elle soit très hydratante, non collante, qui sente bon mais pas le genre d'odeur qui se mélange trop avec ton parfum, qu'elle pénètre assez vite tout en ayant un effet hydratant toute la journée. Oui, juste ça! Mon chouchou du moment, qui remplit toutes les conditions sinéquanones mentionnées ci-dessus c'est le Beurre Réparateur du Petit Marseillais. Il contient de l'Aloés, de la cire d'abeille et du beurre de karité = le trip gagnant. En fait, il me fait vraiment penser au Beurre corporel de The Body Shop au Karité (que j'adore!)....sauf que celui du Body Shop coûte +- 17€ (pour un pot qui se vide relativement vite pour quelqu'un comme moi qui en utilise une à deux fois par jour) contre +- 6€ pour le Petit Marseillais  (la quantité est moindre, certes, mais la différence de prix est non négligeable!). Je le trouve plus hydratant que la version karité de The Body Shop et je préfère également l'odeur!

Je trouve ce Beurre Réparateur vraiment génial, je ne m'en sépare plus, c'est vraiment devenu mon  meilleur allié contre le froid et la peau sèche.


Cosmopolitan ⎥Lauren Conrad


Here's Lauren Conrad latest interview for Cosmo. I thought I would share it with you, it's such a great (and long) interview with many crusty details on her life and what she likes. I'm still super obsessed with her, I really wish I could buy the US cosmo here (as I have already two others Cosmo with her on the cover!) but I can't find it :(

Hope you enjoy reading it as I did (click on the images to zoom!)

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