Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On my nails today : Neon Glitter

I was contacted by Maggie from KKcenterHK which is basically a really great hong kong based beauty related website where you can find anything a girly girl would want from fake lashes, to makeup, wigs, hair extensions, clothing, shoes and everything nail related. I love that the website has soooo many brands that we don't even know about here in Belgium or even Europe. The variety of product is really insane. I got to chose three products to review so I'm really excited to show you guys my first choice. It was a bit hard to chose I have to admit as I pretty much wanted everything :) 

I absolutely LOVED KKcenterHK range of nail glitter. You have pretty every shape and size out there.
It hard really hard to chose but I went for the Neon Glitter

HOW GORGEOUS? Oh my god I just want to dip my whole self in those glitters. 
I wish I could take a glitter bath. These glitters are so amazingly pretty, I'm in LOVE.

I love chunky glitters. For the first look I did the "ring finger" thing with black nail polish to really make the glitter pop (although you don't really need anything to make this baby pop)

With flash.

It was easy peasy to achieve this look. You just have to dip your finger in the glitter jar.
I applied two coats of nail polish, then a top coat and dip it RIGHT after. The sticky topcoat will make the glitter stick to the nail. Then I just dab it on and removed the excess of glitter.
It was done in like three minutes. EASY AND GIRLY.

For my second look I did the whole nails. It was so hard to capture but you can see the party on my nails. It is even more gorgeous in real life. So many different shades. 

What I love also about these glitters it that it totally changes whether you wear with on a black base or a white base.

Can you tell I'm über excited with this neon glitter jar by the number of pictures I have taken? LOL

What do we think ladies? Do you love this as much as I do?
Which on do you prefer? White base of black base?

I'm so happy I ever tried this neon glitter from N.Nail.
You can find all their nail products on
I can't wait to show you guys the two other nail products I got! Stay tuned :) 



Friday, July 13, 2012

share some love

That Zara necklace is everything I love, chunky, edgy and gollllldddddd

A bit of a the one and only Lauren Conrad. I'm sad that we don't hear much of her lately.
I can always watch reruns of episode of The Hills though when I need my LC fix.

I love Miranda Kerr style, not to mention that she has a really hot bod.
The nude heels, the bag and the polka dots sheer blouse = fab combo!

Love this look! 

Olivia Palermo with the Zara Jacket. I think it's a cute look :)



On my nails today : Green with envy

My camera is driving me NUTS. Green with Envy by ORLY is NOT a turquoise nail polish. I don't know why it just would turn turquoise on camera, it is not.
Green with envy is a GREEN nail polish hence the name :) 
It is a gorgeous colour that I can't capture unfortunately.

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