Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Must have : Jessica Quick Dry

I am so keen to share with you my latest discovery :

Jessica - Quick Dry Oil.

At first, I was very sceptical  when I saw all that liquids.
How can oil can dries your nail polish in 60 seconds?
Well, I'm not a scientist and I have no clue why, but IT DOES WORK.

Obviously, it will take a wee bit longer if you apply 4 super thick coats.

Actually, the dropper application makes it super easy to use. 
Maybe even more than your usual Seche Vite / Good to go by Essie because you can apply it right away without damaging the application with the brush.

You must apply ONE drop on each nails after using your topcoat.

I am in total awe with this product because not only it dries my varnish in a sec but prevents it from chipping! It seems like my varnish is stuck to my nails and there is no way it will go away other than with a good nail polish remover.

I swear, my nail polish haven't chipped ALL DAY, it looks brand new =  ♥ 
(don't forget to use a bonder base and a topcoat!!!!)

Have you ever tried it ? 



Sunday, February 13, 2011

NOTV-DAY : Lovie Dovie

Love is in the air. 
With or without a valentine, 
it's time go all lovie dovie and share some love to your surroundings,boyfriend, lover, dogs or whatever..

This colour is the perfect barbie/cute pink .

I am actually a sucker for the colour pink.
My room is filled with pink, all my accessories must be pink, I live pink, I breathe pink, I can't resist buying something if it is pink (and sparkly is a plus!).. but weirdly I barely wear pink.
I own many pink nailpolishes that I never wear because I find it horrendously ugly with my skin tone, it makes me look piggy all the way. But I love how this kind of pink looks on a darker skin tone.
What a fascinating theory we have here! LOL

Have a great day :)


Must have : E.l.f Kabuki face brush

I have a major crush on my E.l.f kabuki face brush.
Let me demonstrate you why : 

I've been using it for about 5 months now and to my pleasant surprise it hasn't lost any hair so far..
*cough cough* not like my mac 182 that is nearly bold* 
It is the softest brush that I have EVER used
I've washed it countless time and the softness hasn't fade away. It is still very dense and provides an excellent application.
The price. Icing on the cake. 5 euros
deep ♥

xo , Marilou

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NOTD : Below Deck

Hello girlies ,

I'm having kind of a nail polish life crisis.
When you own loads of varnishes, loads of differents colours, brands..at some point you kind of get easily bored with the new collections.
It always seems like I already have a dupe somewhere in my nail polish collection. Bummer.
So at the very outset , when I saw the Anchors Away  collection by China Glaze, I wasn't THAT excited, nothing that really caught my attention... *the varnish crisis*

 Then, when I saw the swatches on Vampy Varnish, I literally fell in love  with Below Deck.

*Staring at my nails... I DIE*

 It's official, I have a new favourite colour. 

I have NO dupe of this fabulous grey-taupe-purplely unique colour.
Apparently, it is a dupe for Sephora by Opi - Metro Chic and also a new version of Channelesque by 
China Glaze, and a lighter version of Models own - Purple Grey and....
Well, to be quite honest with you, I don't really care because IT'S GORGEEEOOOOUUUUS ♥____♥
and that's all that really matters hehe.

As always, China glaze didn't disappoint with the quality : Incredibly creamy and opaque .

My nail polish life crisis is over. Well, for at least a good week :) 

What do we think ladies?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lauren Conrad Style book

I finally got my hands of the Lauren Conrad style book. I bought it in Waterstone's brussels (My favourite and only english book store in brussels ). It was 18 euros .

I'm so thrilled, I was waiting for the book to be release for such a long time.
I'm obsess (in a good way) with Lauren Conrad since The Hills a
nd I think she had made her way through her career as a writer and as a fashion designer.

The cover is very simple , but sometimes less is more!
 She looks stunningly beautiful as always.

The book is not revolutionnary as I like to hope that everyone knows that a t shirt is a key piece to your wardrobe but the book gives some good tips and have some gorgeous pictures of her.

It has a lot of inside jokes and its write with a lot of Very laurenconradesque humour .

The make up part was my favourite part. That really makes the book complete and worths buying it because I love Lauren Conrad's make up artist Amy Nadine and she gives you all her tips there .

I went "yay" when I saw the page dedicated to nailpolish described as the unexpected accesory. So true! Nailpolish is more than just make up, it's an accesory and it's so easy to spice up your outfit with a good choice of nailpolish colour

Have a great end of the week :-)



Sunday, February 6, 2011

NOTD : Light as air

I think I choose to wear Light as air today because the weather is finally getting better. 
By better of course, I meant not freezing as hell. 
I can already smell spring, which is just around the corner. 
I'm so sick and tired of winter, I am ready for spring to finally show up!

This colour is so sweet, fresh and girly, in other words :  Perfect for spring!

I have been quite busy these days, massively due to uni and also to many birthday celebrations. 
Haven't you notice that february is THE month of birthdays. It seems like most of my friends were born this month. 
Hope everyone is doing well, 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NOTD : Chanel - Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir is one of the first nailpolish I've ever bought and I have bought maybe 3 bottles during the past few years.. I haven't worn this colour for maybe a year though because I've been through a wacky colour phase and I was sooo bored with wine colours.
My philosophy is that I will have plenty of time to wear this kind of colours when I will be older so I tend to go very wacky and enjoying my nails's youth nowadays..
I'm surprise to see how my love for this colour haven't change and I do love a good old wine colour on my nails from time to time... but I'll surely be back to something a little bit more exciting tomorrow.
This colour is without the shadow of a doubt timeless.  It's edgy but yet classy and simple.

What is your timeless colour? The colour that you will never get tired of ?

Muchos xoxos, Marilou

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Poll : Neon nail polish

I know, I know! It's not monday but I'm young.. I live dangerously LOL !

Anyways this is a poll about neon nail polish and I would looooove to know your opinions on that one!
Feel free to click and share then :)

Punchy Pink - Essie

Much ♥, Marilou

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD : Parlez-vous OPI?

My nail polish of the day is once again inspired by LC.
I was looking at some pictures of her and her nailpolish caught my attention.
It's not the first time I see this colour on her so I made some research...


How pretty? I love this kind of colour! It's very chic and outstanding at the same time.

I choose Parlez vous OPI by ..well OPI as a dupe.

It's a creamy dusty mauve with a hint of grey ! 
The application is DREA-MY and I always get so many compliments when wearing it :) 

Of course, as this is a LC inspiration NOTD, it has to be worn on short nails :) 

Have a great weekend everyone ,

Muchos xoxos, Marilou 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Barrelle London

And it’s a pity and it’s a big damn shame that the story got so sad
Badadadadada bad
Heavy-chested, broken-hearted Bad


Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOTD : Sapphire in the snow

My nail polish of the day is the fabulous Sapphire in the Snow by OPI


Friday, January 21, 2011

LC ♥


Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday poll

Hi lovelies,

I'll try to have a poll every monday as I would love to hear more of your feedbacks and polls tend to reach a wider audience, so feel free to participate :)

Today's poll is : Does dark nail polish look better on short or on long nails?

Opi DS Mystery

China Glaze IX


Sunday, January 9, 2011

♥Mini nailpolish blog sale♥

Hello girls,

Just to let you know I'm having a mini blog sale, as much as I love nailpolish (I own more than 200 varnishes eeek) these are just sitting unused in my nailpolish stash whether it's because I already have others similar colours or because the colour doesn't suit my skin tone...I think it's time they find a new home where they will be loved and used :-)

♥ Postage is include in the price for France-Belgium-Uk-Netherlands. (others contact me at mypreciousnailpolish@gmail.com)

♥ Paypal to paypal only.

♥ Leave me a comment with your paypal email , what you want and where you live.

♥ These nailpolishes have only been swatched and I never used them, are recent and in perfect shape.

Please check out some swatches online and make sure you like the colour :)

From left to right :
OPI - Tickle My France 6€ - £5,5SOLD
OPI - Barefoot In Barcelona 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

ESSIE - Tart Deco 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
ESSIE - Guilty Pleasures 6€ - £5,50   SOLD
OPI - Atomic Orange 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

NARS - Orgasm 6,50€ - £6  SOLD
OPI - Russian Navy 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

OPI - We'll always have Paris SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
CHANEL - Miami Peach 10€ - £10  SOLD

♥CHINA GLAZE Flying Dragon 6€ - £5,50
♥CHINA GLAZE Let's Groove 6€ - £5,50

BOURJOIS N°23 4euros - £4,50  SOLD
♥ESSIE - Chastity 6€ - £5,50

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
♥ OPI - Sahara Sapphire 6€ - £5,50

♥OPI - On Collins Avenue 6€ - £5,50  SOLD
♥ ORLY - Charged up (It's puprle not blue!) 6€ - £5,50

♥CHINA GLAZE - Paper Chasing 6€ - £5,50 PENDING
♥OPI - Banana Bandana 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

♥ ESSIE - Aruba Blue 6€ - £5,50 
OPI - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
OPI - Ginger Bells 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

Marilou XO


Friday, January 7, 2011

An Education♥

Major movie crush alert :-)

Bonne journée! xoxo, Marilou
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