Sunday, November 14, 2010

♥Cheryl Cole's make up favourites♥

Hello rainbows :-)

I've been watching X factor lately. A LOT.
Actually this is the first season that I am fully watching.

I couldn't stop staring at Cheryl "Tweedy" Cole's make up while she was talking.. Observing her haha!

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT a fan of Cheryl.The more I watch the x factor, the more I think she is so mouthy and has reactions way over the top . But I have to admit that make-upably talking the girl has some good, good marks (well her make up artist has. Not her)

Her face is always dewy and flawless.
Her glance is fierce.
Her mouth is glossy and shiny.

Well , she is naturally gorgeous, let's face it and with her make up on she is really even more gorgeous!

I made some research of the products she is using and surprisely I have some of her favourites products that I'm gonna share right away with you, lucky bitches!

Mac - Underage
also called the best nude lipgloss on earth for a great coverage without heavy lipstick feeling.

If you want to achieve Cheryl's fierce glance, well you should probably start wearing falsies.
She almost always wearing them.

I used the Girls Aloud's falsies many times and I adore them so muchhh.
Cheryl's one are my favourite.

False lashes pic

Cheryl's favourite perfume is Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf which happens to also be my favourite perfume all of time.

I've been wearing this for almost two years and I can't get enough of it.

Not only the packaging is girly and meaningful. A flower-bomb, a strong but sweet woman (just like cheryl..or me hehe) but the smell is amazingly attractive to my nose. Oh my!

Cheryl is a fanatic of the mutiple in Orgasm by Nars .
This colour is the perfect pink-peachy glittery dewy blush I own.

"Multiple" because it can be used on the eyelid or even on your lips but I'm not going down that path, It stays on my chubby cheeks (and on hers apparently)

I must say that I like the multiple version better than the powder orgasm blush because of the dewy finish it gives!

Ok now, for all those out there thinking that they are so fugly after watching these oh-so full of gorgeousness and fabulosity pictures of her.

Never forget...

Feeling better?
(please notice the fabulous inspired-italian-antique-fresco tee she is wearing. Faaaa-bulous)

Enjoy your sunday, monday is just around the corner :-)


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