The green escape

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I'm sooooo thankful I live close to a very green area of Brussel and get to escape whenever I feel like it. Really help me stay grounded and get that bowl of fresh air on the daily. Also, eating my green is helping (with a little fresh burrata on top of course, I'm not THAT heatlthy).So good and filling. It's my go to daily meal if I don't have any inspiration. It is low carb and delicious. Yessssss, meal goal.  


Feeling zesty

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Spring weather has hit Brussels finally.
Since the lockdown, we've had the most gorgeous blue sky every single day - coincidence?? I think not...- and I'm LOVIN' IT. It really cheers my mood up.Another thing that really is helping me through cover-19 is baking. I made this amazing lemon glazed cake with my signature vodka - San Pellegrino - lime - low cal bitch drink and it was everything I needed. I was feeling super zesty and oh boy I got the Z E S T. This cake was an absolute delight : super easy to make and soooooooooo good. Literally. This is the recipe I have used (link :it's in French) but maybe you can Google translate? It's not that hard to do,  a few eggs + flour and zest of lemons... and you're good to go.
If you love anything citrus-e you will love this recipe!


Keeping my spirit highs

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I'm really trying to keep my spirit highs during this quarantine time.
Although being an introvert help, I do miss going out with my friends and eating out in restaurants.
I have some up days and some low days. Today was a low one. Just sat in bed all day doing nothing and eating white chocolate. So unproductive and a recipe for anxiety to take over. UGH....

On the positive, I am so grateful to be home in Brussels with my mom and not stuck in Paris with some random stranger in a flat share. I honestly wake up so thankful every morning just for that alone.

Things I do that help me keep my good spirit:

- Listen to country music and have a little dance off with myself and a glass of rosé
- More rosé... lol 
- Picking up fresh flowers
- Baking cakes 
- Thinking of cool low-carbs recipes (my fave courgette bolognese for instance)
- Online shopping and buying new bikinis
- Day dreaming of destinations to go next once I get my freedom back
- Listening to the audio book of A Return To Love from Marianne Williamson. such an eye opening and incredible book based off the famous A Course in Miracle.
- Watching old seasons of Love after Lockup, The Real Housewives and Flavor of Love.
- Pinning my life away on Pinterest. I can't believe I just started using it!!!
- Going for walk in the country side near my house with my mom and reminiscing my childhood.


Hello summer hour

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15 days into quarantine and Spring has sprung over here.
We changed to summer hour today and I'm really trying to keep my spirit high  by making plans of the fun summer that's ahead of us hopefully. 

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